Success Story: Dave – Immune System & Candida

Are you constantly getting sick and “live” on numerous cold medicines, medications, and other treatments? That is what one patient, Dave did.

Dave came to see us because or worsening chronic sinus infections. He was using pain medications and recently took a trip to the emergency room because of a severe sinus headache. Three years ago he had surgery to fix bones and take out polyps.

He was currently and frequently on antibiotics, nasal sprays, over the counter sinus medicines, and migraine medications. In addition to these sinus infections he had started having gastrointestinal problems such as gas, bloating, and a coated tongue. He also told us that he craved sweets.

Many of Dave’s symptoms were common ones related to Candida such as headaches, stomach upset, and sweets cravings. Since Dave had been prescribed a number of antibiotics, Dr. Hauser suspected that Candida was a potential problem – the over-the-counter pain medications help to alleviate the symptoms, but these drugs only exacerbate the problem, killing off not only the ÔÇťbadÔÇŁ gut bacteria but also the beneficial gut bacteria and can lead to leaky gut syndrome.

Over time, these common pain medications cause inflammation in the intestinal wall, allowing ingested food particles to enter the blood stream and putting the body’s immune response mechanisms into hyperdrive. Between the body using up its energy to fight the yeast and the food particles ingested, the person becomes exhausted and can develop chronic flu-like symptoms.

Diet and Candida

How does the presence of a fungus infection affect the food that a person eats? Candida or fungus feeds on sugar and simple carbohydrates. For this reason, people with this condition often have uncontrollable cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. Therefore it is imperative that the “food source” for the Candida is limited.

For Dave’s case, Dr. Hauser ordered Diet Typing, food allergy testing and Candida testing. His Diet Typing results showed that Dave was a fast oxidizer and would need a high protein/low carbohydrate diet, the perfect diet to help cure Candida. Dave was placed on the Lion Diet and told to begin supplements that would help rebuild the beneficial bacteria in his gut. Dave would need to decrease the amount of bread that he ate and focus more on protein and vegetables. He would also need to stop drinking the sports drinks and juices and focus on pure water. Dave was more than willing to give the Lion Diet his best effort. The rest of his test results would be back in a month and further recommendations would be made at that time.


When Dave returned to see us in 4 weeks he was feeling much better. His sinus pain was essentially gone although he was still experiencing daily headaches. His gas and bloating were completely gone and he told us that he felt like his stomach was ÔÇťshrinkingÔÇŁ due to the lack of gas ÔÇô his stomach was feeling normal again! And on top of that, he had lost 10 pounds and his sugar cravings had completely gone away. He was amazed that he was eating the same quantity of food yet was completely free of bloating and had lost weight.

At this visit his food allergy results and Candida results had returned. He was in fact positive for Candida and was started on a prescription for one month to treat the yeast. He also had a few food allergies ÔÇô dairy, eggs, gluten, and pinto beans ÔÇô that he would need to avoid. The nutritionist reviewed the Lion Diet and how to follow the diet while avoiding his food allergies. His headaches were most likely attributed to his food allergies, so we encouraged him to be 100% allergy free for 8 weeks to see if his headaches resolved. Overall Dave was doing great and adjusting to the diet with no problem. He was motivated to continue the diet and supplements and was confident that the diet made all the difference.

Dave’s case is common in that it took 4 weeks of diet change to reverse symptoms he had been battling for 5 years with numerous treatments and even surgery! The power of food is amazing and we want to help you eat right to support your immune system, live symptom free and enjoy each moment of your life!

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