General Guidelines To Following The Monkey Diet

Below you will see the Monkey Diet Type Food Pyramid. The primary foods to choose for your meals include vegetables, complex carbs, fruit, and some protein. Typically, Monkeys do well with leaner cuts of protein, such as fish or chicken breast. A great Monkey Diet meal is a small filet of salmon with a large side of sauteed vegetables over wild rice. You are getting some lean protein from the salmon, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates from the rice. You can even make a nice fruit salad for dessert, to get in more fresh foods! Yum!


• The Monkey Diet is a low fat, high carbohydrate diet with only some animal protein and fat.
• Monkeys get maximum energy from plant-based foods, like fruits and vegetables.
• Monkeys only need a small amount of animal protein and fat.

Monkey Diet Type Food Pyramid

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