Success Story: Joe – Give Yourself More Energy!

When low energy and fatigue become a chronic problem it can be hard to get through basic daily tasks. It’s amazing that some people don’t link energy levels with diet, yet energy is one of the most common improvements that we see in people.

One of our patients, Joe, came to see us with complaints of low energy that had plagued him for years. His diet consisted completely of convenience foods and fast food sandwiches. We knew right away that the Hauser Diet would bring some changes for Joe.

His Diet Typing results revealed that he needed to eat like a Monkey. We reviewed various meal ideas to help him get started. When he returned in one month he said that he didn’t notice too much of a difference. A quick look at Joe’s food diary made it clear that he had not completely given up convenience foods ÔÇô they still made up about half of his diet.

But another reason his fatigue had not changed was shown in his food allergy results ÔÇô Joe had numerous food allergies that he was not even aware of.

In fact, Joe had one of the highest number of food allergies that we had ever seen! The number of modifications that he would need to make to his diet would guarantee that he would start eating fresh food ÔÇô there’s no way to avoid food allergies by eating convenience foods.

Another month passed and Joe had finally started to see some results ÔÇô his energy was much improved and he wasn’t feeling so sluggish; he was able to work out harder and push himself more in his workouts; and he was down 13 pounds and had entered into an ideal body weight range.

Although he wasn’t completely satisfied with all of the food allergies that he had to avoid, he was happy to see some improvements. Joe worked with our nutritionist to come up with more meal ideas and products he could purchase. Joe was on his way to optimal health. After getting rid of convenience food, eating right for his Diet Type, and avoiding foods that caused allergic reactions in his body, he could finally have some energy after all those years of sluggishness.

If you are wondering how diet could help your energy levels, give Diet Typing a try ÔÇô we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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