The Hauser Otter Diet Type®

50% PROTEIN / 25% FAT / 25% CARBS

The Hauser Otter Diet TypeThe Otter Diet is recommended when Diet Typing results reveal a fast oxidative rate and normal blood pH, or a balanced oxidative rate and acidic blood. It is designed to help balance blood sugar and maintain or raise blood pH into the normal range. The foods that help you accomplish this are protein and fat, not sugar or excessive fruit and carbohydrates. Thus, the Otter Diet leans toward the high protein/fat, low carbohydrate end of the Diet Type spectrum. It is very similar to what an otter would eat, and that’s how we came up with the name!

Start your day with a meaty breakfast, such as ham and eggs, as these foods are broken down slowly for longer-lasting energy and help to balance blood pH, longer than a breakfast of toast with jam. After breakfast, eat protein/fat meals and snacks regularly through the day (every 3-4 hours).

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