What If I’m Still Hungry After Eating Like A Monkey?

Through Diet Typing, I learned that the Monkey Diet is ideal for me. I try to follow the diet but soon after eating, I feel hungry and not satisfied until I eat more protein. Any suggestions?

The answer to your question could be due to many factors, but here are some thoughts. If you are a regular consumer of diet products, these can frequently increase your appetite. Yup! You heard it right! Aspartame can actually increase your appetite and cause you to eat more. So watch out for that. If you are consuming a lot of vegetables, you may need to add some whole grains to your diet. Adding fiber from whole grains and legumes helps keep you feel full longer. Monkeys are also allowed some fat in their diets (not a lot). But make sure you are using some olive oil, a few nuts, and an occasional avocado to add satiety.

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