Understanding Complex Carbohydrates for the Monkey Diet

Monkeys function best on a diet rich in complex carbs and low in fat. Whole grains, vegetables, and a little bit of fruit is the fuel Monkeys are powered by.

But, there’s more to it than just knowing what foods to eat. You need to understand how much of those foods you should be taking in. Too much or too little of even the right foods can interfere with getting to your goals!


This is the macronutrient for Monkeys! Monkeys should not eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, instead, try toast and fruit! Your meals should be centered around grains and/or vegetables.

This does not mean eating the whole pan of rice at dinner though, you still have to watch your portions. Serving sizes differ depending on the type of carbohydrate and amounts differ depending on the person.

Lastly, the majority of your grains should be whole grains, brown rice or whole wheat pasta. NOT white pastas and rices.


Biting into a big juicy steak may sound tempting, but your body will not be happy at the end of the meal. You do not have to completely give up meat, but you should limit your intake.


The Monkey Diet is a low fat diet, but remember that the foods you choose should be naturally low in fat. Loading up on oils and nuts will tend to put you over the edge on the amount of fat you use. Sautéing your veggies in a little oil or putting a couple slices of avocado on your salad are good ways to take in healthy fats, but snacking on nuts all day and loading your salad with a fatty dressing in addition to the avocado is a Monkey no no.

You should be grabbing a vinegar-based dressing and snacking on fruit, veggies, and even whole grain crackers. Portioning out fat can get tricky, but you know when you’re doing too much.

Being aware of what you eat is the first step in changing your habits or making sure you’re on the right track. Knowledge of food can be the key to good long term health. If you don’t know where to start, let us help. Do something good for yourself!

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