The Monkey in the Restaurant

Monkeys need veggies and small amounts of protein when ordering in restaurants.

Four Monkey Tips for Eating Italian:

  1. Choose vegetarian pasta dishes, marinara, and light wine sauces; light fish or small amounts of chicken in combination with vegetables and pasta make a great Giraffe choice, such as Caprese pasta or linguine and mussels in wine sauce.
  2. Bruschetta and roasted or marinated veggies make great appetizers!
  3. Have a glass of red wine if you are inclined to have a drink with dinner.
  4. Some seasonal fresh fruit makes a great Monkey dessert. Try melon and strawberries with balsamic vinegar.

Sample Italian Monkey Meal: Whole wheat angel hair pasta with fresh tomato basil sauce, dark greens and fresh tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette dressing; and poached pear for dessert.

Four Monkey Tips for Eating Asian:

  1. Rice or noodle dishes mixed with lots of vegetables and/or tofu or chicken make great Monkey meals. Pad Thai, Stir fry’s and other Asian mixed dishes are right up the Monkey alley!
  2. Vegetable spring rolls make a great start to an Asian meal!
  3. Be sure to include one of the delicious herbal teas that are on the menu!
  4. You can read your fortune and eat it too – one small fortune cookie is fine for a monkey.

Sample Asian Monkey Meal: Vegetable potsticker appetizer, tofu and vegetable pad thai with fresh ginger ale.

Four Monkey Tips for Eating Mexican:

  1. Start with your meal with a delicious bowl of black bean soup.
  2. Vegetarian dishes such as refried bean enchiladas or vegetable and shrimp fajitas are good Mexican Monkey choices.
  3. Fresh salsa, marinated veggies, and fresh fruit with lime make great appetizers.
  4. Iced tea or water with lime make for refreshing thirst quenchers!

Sample Mexican Monkey Meal: Two soft corn tortillas filled pineapple, sautéed peppers, and a small portion of BBQ chicken or diced onion and cilantro, and spicy salsa, mixed with Spanish rice and black beans topped with a small portion of blackened fish.

Four Monkey Tips for Eating American:

  1. Choose a delicious veggie wrap with soup or salad.
  2. Want a burger? Go for a black bean or vegetarian burger. Or try some grilled fish such as grouper.
  3. Grilled chicken and fish dishes are great Monkey choices.
  4. Rice pilaf, whole grain rice, potatoes with skins, and corn on the cob are good Monkey starches.

Sample American Monkey Meal: Grilled BBQ chicken strips served atop a bed of rice pilaf served with mixed vegetables and a dark green side salad with vinaigrette dressing.

You can see, following your Hauser Diet can be delicious, easy, and fun! As a Monkey, look beyond just the meat options! Just take a minute to analyze your food choices. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is! If you need some help getting on the right road for eating on the road – give us a call or make an appointment online!

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