Salad Dressing for the Monkey

Don’t drown vegetables in dressings and cheeses.

One snag that Monkeys tend to run into is how to make their vegetables more palatable. As a Monkey you have to eat your vegetables. Some dress them up with butter, salad dressings, oils, and cheeses. The problem here is that Monkeys need to watch their fat intake.

Make vegetables more exciting by trying new spices, add a dash of flavored vinegar, or squeeze a little lemon juice on them. Those suggestions along with the standard, “salt and pepper to taste” should help add flavor without fat! Fat free/low fat salad dressings ARE OUT!

As simple as they get sauces

Having a diet heavy in vegetables, but low in fat may seem bland if you don’t get creative with sauces. Flavor is a huge part of cooking and eating, so if you are a custom to just using the basic lemon juice or balsamic vinegar to add flavor to your dishes, then you may soon find it hard to stick to your Monkey Diet.

Sauces for lean proteins

Apple-Cran Marinade
Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and cranberry juice with enough salt just to add the right flavor. Then marinade. Don’t marinade for more than 30 minutes with the tofu, then cook as desired, other protein course such as fish or chicken can stand to be in the sauce a little longer.

Honey Yogurt Dressing
Mix some honey in with nonfat plain yogurt and drizzle over salad or vegetable dish.

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