Monkeys & Allergies

Knowing your Hauser Diet Type is the first step to figuring out how you should eat. In other words, knowing your Hauser Diet Type will let you know if your body functions best on a diet that is protein and fat based, such as the Hauser Lion and Otter Diets™ versus more of a plant-carbohydrate based diet such as the Hauser Monkey and Giraffe Diets™ – or, you might function best on a balance of carbs and protein such as the case with the Hauser Bear Diet™.

Hauser Monkey Diet Types like you require diets that are lower in protein and fat with most of your diet coming from vegetables and carbohydrates. So Hauser Monkeys fill their plates primarily with plant-based products such as whole grains, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, eggplant, tomatoes, green beans, and the like, with the smaller part of their diets coming from animal-based products such as meats, chicken, and fish.

Interestingly enough, although knowing your Hauser Diet Type is crucial, you may be missing an important piece to your overall health puzzle: food allergies. Take the case of Whitney, a young patient who came to Caring Medical for weight loss.

She was placed on the Hauser Monkey Diet while she waited for her food allergy results to come in. When they came back, she found out she was allergic to gluten and rice. Unfortunately for Whitney, rice is a common substitute for wheat in pastas, breads, and crackers. However, Whitney soon learned about all of the gluten-free products out there that she could have – products made from millet, quinoa, potatoes, and corn. Her initial thought was that the diet was going to be too restrictive, especially in foods that are common on the Monkey Diet. With a little shopping, Whitney was able to find alternative products that tasted good and made her feel great. Not only did she start to lose more weight, but she noticed that her occasional headache and runny nose were completely gone – symptoms that she had for so long that she just learned to live with!

There are many people that have food allergies that don’t even know it. If someone has a sensitivity or allergy to a particular food it could be causing symptoms like low energy, headaches, inability to heal properly, mental fog, weight gain, and many other symptoms. These symptoms can be relieved by avoiding any foods you are allergic too! If you haven’t had your food allergies tested, it may be a good time to consider having that test done; your health will never be the same!

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