Losing Weight On The Monkey Diet


We all have different appetites. So, when you are first put on your Monkey Diet the amount of food that is recommended is based on what we think you will need. The amount of food taken in every day should make us full, satisfied, and put us at our optimal energy level.  However, the types of food you eat are more important than the actual amount.

Here is an example of why eating foods in the right proportions for your Diet Type is important. We had a patient who we were seeing for follow up. In the first couple weeks of following the Monkey Diet she felt good and started to lose weight, five pounds to be exact. Then she felt like it was too much food, so she stopped eating the amount we had given her. By the time she came in to see me, she had put the five pounds back on plus two!

Obviously she was not happy and wanted to know what was going on. Then we looked at her food diary. She was prescribed the Monkey Diet, however, the food she was reducing were complex carbs and vegetables. It wasn’t that she was eating more protein or fat than than we had suggested she eat, she was just eating less of the complex carbs and vegetables.

The problem here was that the combination of food was not Monkey-appropriate after she made these modifications. Her body functions well on a high complex carb diet, but when cutting food from her meal plan, she cut the wrong things. We pointed out that her fat and protein intake was now too high compared to her intake of complex carbs, and we rearranged her diet. After a few weeks of getting the right proportions in, the five pounds came off again.

The point is, you can alter the amount of you to take in, you just have to be careful to pick and choose the foods you add or take out. As a Monkey you should not add all protein just because you’re hungry, nor should you take out all carbs if you feel too full. This is why when you eat your meals you should go for the complex carbs and vegetables first. That way you won’t fill up on the wrong foods. If you find yourself getting hungry have a little more carb and protein. If you feel like you’re taking in too much food, don’t just cut the carbs. Take out some of the protein and fat too! As always, make sure you’re not skimping on your main food groups to make room for dessert or alcohol!

Feel free to schedule an appointment if you are having trouble determining whether you are eating the right amounts of food.

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