How Should A Monkey Make A Pizza?

Is pizza included on the Monkey Diet? You may think, of course it is…it’s a carb! But, is it the best choice for a Monkey meal? It depends on how you make your pizza! There are ways to make pizza more Monkey-approved by tweaking for your type! Just follow some of these tips to in order to enjoy your pizza, but also stay more on track with your diet!


As a Monkey you always have the choice of going for the typical white flour crust or the more nutritionally dense whole wheat crust. You are allowed either, but as always, preparing your own pizza at home allows you the most control over what you eat where you can ensure that you are eating as healthy of a pizza as possible. And you can guarantee that it is truly made to your liking! But if you are like most people, the times where you want pizza are usually the times when you don’t want to cook!

Chicago-style deep dish pizza is really not for those of you who are trying to keep the pounds off. Typically, these pizzas provide additional calories in the form of bread. In order to minimize that, choose thin or ultra thin crust – and whole wheat if available – you’ll get a little extra fiber that we could all stand to consume!


As you know, the Monkey Diet is a low fat diet, therefore Monkeys should choose lower fat sauces for their pizza. Marinara-based pizza is a more traditional choice, but you can also try a barbeque sauce or a white wine based sauce for something a little more unusual. Using these different sauces will help add some variety to your pizza!

Monkeys should try to stay away from an olive oil based pie, including pesto sauces. This will add a lot more fat to your pizza – more than you need. Pesto is made with olive oil, so it would also contribute a good amount of fat calories to your pizza.


Monkeys, pile on the veggies! Try a wide variety of vegetables, not just the onions, mushrooms, and peppers. You can add a little meat, but just realize that the Monkey Diet requires a good amount of vegetables.

Cheese is one of those food items that can really pack on the calories and fat – and a little goes a long way! Did you know that 1 ounce of cheese is equal to a 1 inch cube? Now that is not much cheese! We find that using a mixture of flavorful Italian shredded cheeses allows us to use just a small amount of cheese because the flavors are so enhanced with these fresh shredded cheeses!

Be cautions when eating out because restaurants tend to dump on the cheese a bit too much. Who doesn’t love that extra cheesy pizza? We all do! But if you want to eat right for your Diet Type, you have to cut the cheese!

Next time it is pizza night at your house, try something a little different. How about a potato, onion, and spinach pie with a garlic and white wine sauce? Dab a little goat cheese on each piece to make it even tastier! If you are in the mood for a little bit of meat, try a barbequed chicken pizza with onion, bell peppers, and mushrooms. One of our all time favorite recipes here at Caring Medical that we learned from the photo chef while working on the Hauser Diet book is this:

Fresh Italian Pizza

This pizza sounds too good to be true – and it is! Add assorted veggies such as artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, fresh spinach, zucchini, or whatever veggies you love! We all love a little pizza once in a while, but don’t get into a habit of consuming it on a regular basis unless you make it Monkey-friendly! If you would like some help tweaking your favorite recipes for your Hauser Diet Type, make an appointment today with our Nutritionist! That’s what she’s here for!

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