Getting Protein on the Monkey Diet

As a Monkey, your diet is primarily vegetarian/plant based with just a small amount of protein and fat. Monkeys need protein, but only 1/3 of their food intake should come from it. So as a helpful general rule visual, if you have a plate of food in front of you, 1/3 the plate should have protein on it (lean, trimmed meats; fish; and tofu are some Monkey choices), 2/3 should have complex carbs like a rice and bean side dish for example. Monkeys do not process high fat, animal-based foods well. Having a lot of cheese and bacon, for example, is not good choices for a Monkey.

But does the monkey diet provide enough protein? For this bodybuilder it did.

It’s common knowledge in the fitness world that if you want to beef up, you need to pack in the protein. We’re sure you have seen the guys with big muscles in the gym drinking protein shake after protein shake in order to gain every ounce of muscle that they can. But is a high protein diet good for every bodybuilder? The Hauser Diet says no! Body builders still need to know their Diet Type in order to gain muscle. Would you believe us if we told you that we recently had a bodybuilder come to see us and we prescribed the Monkey Diet?

Eric came to see us as a 37 year old man trying to get back into weight training and gain some muscle. Unfortunately he was discovering that his body was not gaining muscle like it used to, despite the fact that he ate much healthier than he used to. He ate mostly protein and drank protein drinks and workout recovery drinks. He took a number of high quality supplements, but he couldn’t gain muscle and his energy was lower that he would have liked for it to be.

Eric was intrigued by the Hauser Diet because of its individualized approach to diet. When he came to see us he was sure that he would be an Otter or a Lion. He was surprised the find out that he was a slow oxidizer and that he had acidic blood pH. Since most slow oxidizers are Monkeys or Giraffes and most people with acidic blood are Otters or Lions, we had to wait to see the results from his hormone testing to make a call on the right diet for Eric. After a few days, we learned that Eric’s testosterone level was low and was most likely the cause for his acidic blood pH. Therefore we were able to prescribe the Monkey Diet for him to support his slow oxidation. We instructed Eric to continue the protein recovery drinks, seeing that he participated in more intense activity than the average Monkey, but his meals would need to be complex carbohydrate and vegetable based. Interestingly, Eric’s insulin levels were also low. Since insulin helps build muscle, the Monkey diet was perfect for him – by introducing more carbohydrates to his diet, Eric would see a slight increase in insulin levels, which would in turn help him with the muscle gain he desired.

So even though most people think that high protein diets are good for a certain population while vegetarian diets are good for another, the Hauser Diet proves that it is only a person’s physiology that should determine the type of diet followed. So did Eric get the muscle gain he was after? We will let you know as we continue to work with him. In the meantime, if you are not sure what diet type you should be following, give us a call or make an appointment online!

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