Food is Energy – The Wrong Food is Exhaustion

A basic concept of life is that we eat to provide our bodies with the fuel it needs. For each individual some foods are much better fuel sources than others, this is the basic concept of the Hauser Diet.

The rate at which the body turns food into the maximum amount of energy is called the oxidative metabolic rate or OMR. As part of our Diet Typing testing at Caring Medical we perform the Glucose Tolerance Test on patients to help determine how their body breaks down carbohydrates.

Are they a fast oxidizer, “normal” or balanced oxidizer, or as a slow oxidizer. This helps us adjust their diets to get the maximum energy out of their foods and help them avoid foods that make them sluggish, tired, and not feeling well.

Food is the fuel for our bodies, and we want to put in the right fuel to give us the most amount of energy. To have more energy is the number one goal of most patients we see here for the Hauser Diet program. For various reasons, their energy just seems depleted. It is an effort to make it through the day, and no matter how healthy they feel they eat, they feel tired.

Smart fat intake

Monkeys should not eat Fat Free Foods. The Monkey Diet is about eating low fat, naturally. While fats are necessary, the real thing should always be eaten, and in small amounts. A diet too high in fat slows a Monkey down. This means oils, bacon, high-fat meats, cream and cheeses are limited.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should be in different food categories and not coupled as one. Fruit has a very different effect on blood sugar and blood pH than vegetables do. Vegetables tend to keep the balance better than fruit, and they have the same amount of fiber and nutrients. So when preparing meals, always think about ways to increase your vegetable intake to keep your nutrient intake high and your blood sugar and pH balanced. A good rule of thumb is to have 2 servings of vegetables for every one serving of fruit.

Remember to eat

Monkeys tend to be busy people with not a lot of time to think about food. Hence, many of our patients who are Monkey Diet Types tend to not look at their diet when they question their lack of energy. Often we find that Monkeys only eat once per day, and while some Monkeys feel ok doing this, others don’t- especially those who exercise! Having a veggie-based snack, such as a salad can add a nice boost of energy to your day.

Dumping those processed foods

The Hauser Diet is all about bringing fresh, whole foods back to the table. It is amazing the difference we often see in patients after getting them to drop the processed diet foods: meatless meats, fat-free foods, frozen and boxed meals, and get them to start cooking more from scratch.

Food Sensitivity

Lastly, one of the key tests for any Diet Type that we do here in our office is a blood test for Food Sensitivities. This is often done as a part of Hauser Diet Typing, because eating foods that you may not even realize your body is sensitive to will only deplete your energy stores further. So, while all Monkeys should take action on the above diet recommendations, an individual should find out what specific foods are going to make his or her body more efficient and, in essence, healthier.

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