Don’t Cheat – 5 Common Food Mistakes for the Monkey

The Monkey Diet is usually recommended for people who are slow oxidizers (metabolize food slowly) or for people who have alkaline blood pH. (See our article Blood pH Really Does Matter!) While most people understand the Monkey Diet concepts, there are a few common mistakes that pop up. To be sure that you are truly following the Monkey Diet, run down this list and see how you are doing.

Eating all carbs

The Monkey Diet is a nearly-vegetarian diet that can easily turn into meals like pasta with marinara sauce, cheese pizza, and toast with jam. Where are the vegetables? Where is the fruit? And where is the lean meat? The basis of the Monkey Diet is complex carbohydrates and vegetables with some fruit and a little bit of lean protein. In order to look and feel your best, you will need plenty of vegetables with the complex carbohydrates and small portions of lean meat.

Eating the wrong kind of carbs

The pasta, bread, and pizza tendency are usually simple carbohydrates, meaning the fiber and essential nutrients are missing. Not only are simple carbohydrates lacking in nutrients, they also have an unhealthy effect on blood sugar and insulin. In order to follow the Money guidelines, be sure that your carbohydrates are complex – packed full of fiber and nutrients.
(See our article Understanding Complex Carbohydrates in the Monkey Diet)

Ignoring organic food

Fresh, organic food is essential to feeling your best. There are so many convenience foods out there that it may be tempting to rely on those for meals. Unfortunately some of our patients tend to ignore the fact that their bodies need fresh food. It is not possible to feel your best when you are living off of convenience food. It may take a little longer to prepare your own meals, but the benefits are astronomical. We cannot stress enough the need to feed your body wholesome food.

Too much fruit, not enough vegetables

Most of our patients who come in to see us love fruit. However what most people don’t realize is that fruits and vegetables should be in different food categories. Fruit has a very different effect on blood sugar and blood pH than vegetables do. Vegetables tend to keep the balance better than fruit, and they have the same amount of fiber and nutrients. So when preparing meals, always think about ways to increase your vegetable intake to keep your nutrient intake high and your blood sugar and pH balanced. A good rule of thumb is to have 2 servings of vegetables for every one serving of fruit.

Ignoring the diet when eating out

When eating out as a Monkey, look beyond the meat options. Just take a minute to analyze your food choices. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is! Look for the vegetarian options, delicious soups and salads, pastas with light sauces, grilled veggies – they are there! You don’t have to “cheat” by eating out; you can incorporate the Monkey Diet into any meal, at home or away.

So if you are a Monkey, be sure that you aren’t making any common mistakes. If you aren’t sure what Diet Type you are, give us a call! The blood tests we do here are the most accurate way of prescribing a Diet Type.

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