Diet Soda & Artificial Sweetener Controversy For The Monkey


A lot of patients have a hard time picking out the “right” foods at the grocery store. To a certain extent the definition of what the right foods are can change person to person, or more so Diet Type to Diet Type.

One thing to avoid is buying anything that has any of the following labels on it: Low Fat, Fat Free, Reduced Fat, Low Sodium, Low Sugar, and Sugar Free.

Of course as Monkeys you need to be buying foods that don’t have a high fat content anyways as well as watching your sugar intake, but that means naturally low in fat and simple sugars, not a modified product. Having a cupboard full of fat free and sugar free products is not the way to assure you don’t take in too much!

The second reason to avoid any foods with these labels is that they are most likely highly processed. Buying organic, natural foods would be preferred do to the chemical processing that is involved in non-organic foods. However, if you are not eating organic, then try to stay with foods that are in their most natural state. When foods have a “low fat” or “sugar free” version, they have been even further processed. The producers of the food have taken something out, which also means that they have put something in. The added components of these foods tend to be artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or even modified fats. In short they are adding food chemicals. When you’re trying to be healthy, chemicals are not what you should be putting in your body!

Monkeys need to be consuming lower fat foods, but it is best to choose natural food versus “fake foods” such as those mentioned above. Monkeys should consume a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products.

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