Backyard BBQ Tips for the Hauser Monkey Diet Type

As the weather starts warming and we start celebrating holidays, birthdays, or graduations involving picnics or backyard barbeques, what should a person whose Diet Typing results reveal Monkey physiology be eating?

As BBQs can be a Monkey food challenge, we don’t want your fun backyard BBQ to turn into an event that leads you far from your Hauser Monkey Diet. The summer is loaded with picnics and celebrations, so it is easy to tell yourself “oh, it’s just this once,” But we all know how that can turn into something much longer lasting.

BBQ’s can be great fun and food is a big part of it. Keep thinking fresh and delicious – even with your BBQs.

10 Tips for Following Your monkey diet at the Backyard BBQ:

1. Think lean! Yup – you Monkeys are not going to fair too well with hotdogs, polish, or Italian sausage. Leaner cuts of protein are best for you such as salmon filets, chicken, or small pieces of lean beef. If you know that your host is preparing some higher fat meats, then let him/her know that you’d love to supply a meat source. A great way to stretch those meat dollars is to make veggie and meat kabobs. We like to alternate different colored peppers with pieces of chicken and pineapple chunks. YUMMY!

2. Go green! If you are not the host of the BBQ, tell the host that you will bring a fresh green salad or some roasted vegetables. This way, you can know that you will be getting some good veggies to accompany your meat. Check out Chapter 9 of the Hauser Diet book for some great salad and veggie recipes!

3. Avoid the junk food. Most of love potato chips, fried chicken, and these types of foods – but they don’t really fit into the Hauser Diet at all. So just because you are at a BBQ doesn’t make it right. Stick to the fresh eating plan.

4. Dump the packaged dips and choose salsa or a greek-yogurt based dip. Dips like these scooped up with some fresh vegetables such as celery, pepper slices, or cucumbers or whole grain crackers or organic corn tortillas are right up the Monkey ally!.

5. Drink water or plain iced tea with lemon. Avoid the beer and wine and other alcoholic drinks.

6. Pass on the pasta and potato salad that are loaded with mayonnaise and reach for the vegetables.

7. Can’t have your cake-fresh fruit is a much better choice for Monkeys. But watch your portions. Again, we like to make little fruit kabobs with 4 or 5 chunks of fruit per kabob to help watch our portions.

8. Relish the little things! Grab a kosher dill, spoonful of marinated veggies, or some fresh chutney (mango-peach is one of our favorite) and you’ll be all set.

9. Who cut the cheese? Most of us love cheese – sure makes a tasty snack! But cheese can be loaded with fat. Choose some lower fat cheeses like fresh mozzarella and make a beautiful Caprese salad. Or have a little Parmesano Reggiano, or Asiago.

10. Get out of the hammock and play a little softball, bocce ball, or tag with your nieces or nephews. Burn off a few of those extra helpings!

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