The Hauser Lion Diet Type®

60% PROTEIN / 25% FAT / 15% CARBS

The Hauser Lion Diet TypeThe Lion Diet is a true carnivorous diet which contains the highest amounts of protein and fat of all the Diet Types. It is typically recommended therapeutically for people whose Diet Typing results show abnormalities in both the glucose tolerance test and blood pH.

Two different patterns of glucose tolerance results both need the Lion Diet. A “true” Lion will be a fast oxidizer of food and have acidic blood pH. The second pattern, which is quite common in overweight America, also has acidic blood pH, but the glucose tolerance test shows a slow oxidizer with high insulin levels (insulin resistance). This person also needs a Lion Diet to regain insulin sensitivity. Thus, the Lion Diet is very high in protein and fat, with a very small amount of carbohydrates. Eating these foods regularly (every 3-4 hours, even including a snack before bed) helps to prevent blood sugar swings, raise blood pH, and lower insulin levels, thus, trying to normalize the Lion’s abnormal physiology.

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