The Hauser Lion Diet Type®

60% PROTEIN / 25% FAT / 15% CARBS

The Hauser Lion Diet TypeThe Lion Diet is a true carnivorous diet which contains the highest amounts of protein and fat of all the Diet Types. It is typically recommended therapeutically for people whose Diet Typing results show abnormalities in both the glucose tolerance test and blood pH.

Two different patterns of glucose tolerance results both need the Lion Diet. A “true” Lion will be a fast oxidizer of food and have acidic blood pH. The second pattern, which is quite common in overweight America, also has acidic blood pH, but the glucose tolerance test shows a slow oxidizer with high insulin levels (insulin resistance). This person also needs a Lion Diet to regain insulin sensitivity. Thus, the Lion Diet is very high in protein and fat, with a very small amount of carbohydrates. Eating these foods regularly (every 3-4 hours, even including a snack before bed) helps to prevent blood sugar swings, raise blood pH, and lower insulin levels, thus, trying to normalize the Lion’s abnormal physiology.

General Lion Diet Type guidelines

Below is a pyramid that you can use as a guideline for which foods are most important in following the Lion Diet. As you can see, your meals should consist of mostly protein and fat along with some vegetables! Your body does not metabolize carbohydrates well, hence, you should rarely eat starchy foods like potatoes or whole grain bread, and should only choose the options with the most fiber, such as a high fiber tortilla wrap instead of low fiber brown rice. A good measure of “high fiber” is at least 4 grams of fiber per serving. Full fat dairy can be consumed occasionally through the day. Lastly, you will notice there is no fruit or simple carbohydrates on the Lion Diet. Your Diet Type does not require these foods in order to achieve optimal health.


• The Lion Diet is a true carnivorous diet. You need to eat meat as the basis of every meal.
• The ideal meal for you is a piece of meat with some vegetables.
• Lions will only feel worse by consuming too many starchy carbohydrates.
• The Lion Diet does not include fruit or simple carbohydrates.

Lion Diet Type Food Pyramid


How to Make Your Lion Diet More Energy Efficient

Ok, so there’s an enormous waiting list for fuel efficient cars, the light bulb has been re-invented to be more energy efficient, but what have you done for your diet to maximize the energy output from the fuel you give it? We are not just talking about eating less, but making sure what you eat is actually giving you energy. Remember, food is the fuel for our bodies, and we want to put in the right fuel to give us the most amount of energy. “To have more energy” is the number one goal of most patients we see here for the Hauser Diet program. For various reasons, their energy just seems depleted. It is an effort to make it through the day, and no matter how “healthy” they feel they eat, they feel tired.

Let’s review the basics of “energy efficiency” on the Lion Diet:


Lions typically have a low fasting blood sugar—which means after sleeping, they need to eat something to jumpstart their metabolism. Eat a big breakfast—it will help you take on the day with more gusto.


Are you on the Lion Diet, yet reaching for coffee and other “quick fix” remedies to give you a boost? Caffeine will only acidify your blood further, depleting more energy. Also, it will worsen blood sugar swings. So, you may enjoy the boost it brings in the beginning, with an hour or two, you will likely be in the same place you were earlier: feeling like you need a nap or another cup of coffee! Stop the vicious cycle—coffee is not the way for a Lion to get good energy.


When we see foods like cereal, popcorn, and raisin toast on a food diary throughout the day, and only one main meat-based meal, the Lion Diet is not being represented. A true Otter meal plan will have meat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. Yes, it is truly a lot of meat—that is what someone with a Lion physiology needs, not waffles and corn. Protein should be the majority of all meals, plain and simple.


Vegetables are where a Lion is getting a significant amount of carbohydrates in their diet. This food group provides necessary fiber for healthy bowels, along with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your body needs to stay on the ball. Think of your vegetables in a variety of color- red, orange, green, yellow. One of our favorites is simply skewering bell peppers and squash, brush with olive oil and rosemary, and grill. Serve with a big piece of grilled meat. Dinner in the summer can’t get simpler, and you’ll feel great!


For Lions, this includes fruit. Sorry, this is the wrong fuel for your engine! Opt for vegetables instead of fruit, or limit fruit to one per day. The effects of fruits and vegetables in your diet are not the same, and we do not put them in the same category. Fruit has too much sugar for you Lions. In addition to fruit, dropping the “energy” bars and snacks that contain a lot of white flour and sugar need to be dropped. Opting for a piece of natural beef jerky or a hard boiled egg as a snack will be a better choice for a Lion.

Lastly, one of the key tests for any Diet Type that we do here in our office is a blood test for Food Sensitivities. This is often done as a part of Hauser Diet Typing, because eating foods that you may not even realize your body is sensitive to will only deplete your energy stores further. So, while all Lions should take action on the above diet recommendations, an individual should find out what specific foods are going to make his or her body more efficient and, in essence, healthier.

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