Success Story: Unexplained Weight Gain

Have You Been Putting On The Pounds Over The Last Couple Of Years?

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there saying “yes”! This doesn’t just happen during menopause either. All age groups, and both sexes, can go through this for multiple reasons. By coming to Caring Medical and having a complete evaluation by Dr. Hauser, we can help point you in the right direction to fixing your weight problem. Hormones, diet, exercise, metabolic disorders, and many other factors could be playing a role. The only sure way to know is to get things checked out. One of the easiest factors to evaluate may be your diet and exercise.

Last month we had a patient come to us because she was finally to the point of frustration where she had no idea what to do next. This woman is not quite 30 and had put on an unexplained 20-30 pounds in the last 2 years. The patient had not changed the composition of her diet from the previous years, and had actually started to take in a very low amount of calories…less than 1500 per day! She also worked out regularly. Assuming it had to be hormonal, she came in to see what natural medicine and CMRS could do for her. When seeing the doctor for her initial consultation he ordered Diet Typing, food allergy testing, and hormone tests for the patient. This was her first step in finding the answer to her weight gain!

Her Diet

After Diet Typing we met with the patient and we went over her new Hauser Diet…The Bear Diet. The differences between this and her current diet was that is was going to be a lot less simple carbs and much less cheese! She needed to decrease her intake of sugar and white grains. She was not accustomed to eating whole grain products, but was willing to try it out. All along she thought she was eating healthy, except for the occasional sweet indulgence. However, she wasn’t eating right for her Diet Type. She was eating somewhat more like a Monkey…higher carb.

Her Exercise

While the amount of time she was spending on exercise each week was great, we thought she needed to redistribute what she was doing during that time. We made a couple of tweaks as far as proportion of cardio to strength training, but kept the amount of time spent exercising per week the same.

The Outcome

She came in recently for a follow up and to get food allergy results. It had been exactly 3 weeks since we sat down and discussed her diet and exercise changes. The patient has lost 5 pounds, 2% body fat, and about 4 ½ total inches! In just a short amount of time the patient has started seeing the results she had been looking for, for more than a year. Now, with adding in the elimination of her food allergies we can be hopeful that there will be more progress a month from now.

See how easy that was? All it took was a simple test to help this women figure out how to comeback from a struggle she’s been dealing with for quite some time. What if that’s all it took to help you? All you can do is try! Come in and find out what’s holding you back from being in the shape and health that you want!

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