Success Story: Tom – The Otter Fireman

We see all sorts of professionals, students, athletes, moms, etc. Every one of them has a different looking schedule! We recently saw a member of a local firehouse crew. Talk about a crazy schedule! His shifts would last 2-3 days where he would spend the night at the firehouse. The firehouse has its own chef who loves to cook heavy meals for the crew. This particular firefighter, Tom, made an agreement with himself that he would start eating healthier in 2009. He was referred here by a friend and was excited to find out that he was an Otter. He knew that his biggest challenge would be the firehouse meals and snacks ÔÇô there were a lot of junk food and heavy meals that were not in line with the Hauser Diet principles and Tom struggled with occasional binges on cookies, pies, and other sweets. The first two nutrition visits were mainly focused on food that Tom could bring into the firehouse as a complement to the food that was available. Some simple adjustments to the meals are what Tom would need to do.

Two months later Tom returned to report great news ÔÇô the diet adjustments had been working and he was feeling great. Although his two week vacation was not marked with the perfect Otter diet, he was still doing great and getting back on track. He had lost 10 pounds, lost over an inch in his waist, had great energy, and felt much stronger. He even felt less anxious and was able to cut back significantly on his anxiety medication. His binging had decreased significantly now that his blood sugars were being supported by the Otter diet. Overall Tom was happy with the results. There were a few more adjustments talked about at his nutrition visit, but overall Tom was doing great! And he still has two more nutrition visits left, so we will keep you posted on his further accomplishments on the Otter diet.

What does your schedule look like? Do you feel like you couldn’t incorporate a healthy diet into your lifestyle even if you did know how to eat? A major benefit to coming to see us for Diet Typing is that you will receive continued support after the Diet Typing. With the number of different lifestyles that each of our patients lead, it is necessary for most people to take advantage of the nutrition consults and support via email and phone. With our busy schedules it can be hard to sit down and think about how to implement the needed changes into our lives. At Caring Medical we want to help you with these changes. That’s why we include four nutrition consults in the cost of Diet Typing ÔÇô as a way for you to take time out of your busy schedule and work together with us to figure out how you will make the necessary changes.

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