Success Story: TK – 53 Year Old Needs More Energy


TK is a 53 year old vibrant female who came to Caring Medical with concerns over her hormone levels, high cholesterol, and osteopenia that had been diagnosed three months prior to her visit with us. TK was always a high energy person, but lately she felt like she was just not herself.

TK was interested in Diet Typing because she also wanted to lose about 20 pounds. Dr. Hauser ordered Diet Typing, Allergy testing, hormone panel, and a metabolic profile. Her Diet Typing results showed that she was a balanced oxidizer with a normal blood pH. Dr. Hauser prescribed the Hauser Bear Diet.

On her first visit with our nutritionist, her initial weight was 162 pounds and her body fat percentage was 33.4%. TK reported that she was following a dairy-free and egg-free diet. She had a dress size of 12 at the time of her first visit. After carefully reviewing TK’s diet, the nutritionist recommended that TK decrease her carbohydrate intake (especially simple carbohydrates) and increase her protein intake in order to meet the Bear Diet proportions, making her diet much more balanced. She began taking the Bone Builder pack, a supplement that provides all of the nutrients necessary for building and maintaining bone mass, from


One month later at her follow-up visit, TK’s food allergy test results were discussed. A number of foods tested positive for antibodies: dairy, chicken, gluten, malt, cod, halibut, red snapper, sardine, sole, trout, orange roughy, walnut, avocado, pineapple, asparagus, garlic, and kidney bean. TK worked with our nutritionist to come up with meal ideas that fit within the Bear Diet plan, but also avoided her food allergies. She also began using a natural hormone replacement cream to boost her current low hormone levels. Dr. Hauser also prescribed weight-bearing exercises to be done at least three times per week to strengthen her bones.


TK returned for a follow-up visit with the nutritionist. Her weight was up to 172 pounds, however she had lost one pant size. She was avoiding all of her food allergies, but was still having trouble with garlic. The nutritionist suggested that she make a serious effort to avoid garlic for 2 weeks and see how she feels. She was also told to stay on her current Bear Diet.


TK returned to Caring Medical and reported that she was down to 148 pounds – right around her goal weight. She lost 2 dress sizes while on the Bear Diet. Her blood pH was within normal range.

TK maintains her health and her energy by following the Bear Diet, avoiding her food allergies, following her supplement regime, and monitoring her blood hormone levels. Her lipid panel showed that all of her cholesterol levels normal and her hormone levels were in great ranges.

TK now returns to Caring Medical once per year for a check-up on her optimal health maintenance. TK has a lot on her plate, yet she is able to keep up now that she has optimized her health. She cares for her mother, along with working two full time jobs, and still finds the time to exercise and take care of herself. She said, “I feel great, I sleep great, my digestion is great, and my energy is great!”

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