Success Story: Tim – 60+ Year-old Man

Tim is a very active 60+ year old who has been our patient for a number of years due to injuries related to sports and overuse. He has experienced a great deal of success with Prolotherapy in healing these pains and was now interested in learning how to maximize his health through diet and hormones.

Dr. Hauser checked TimÔÇÖs hormone levels a few months ago, which revealed that his testosterone levels were low, so he began supplementing with the bio identical form of testosterone. Tim regularly follows a great supplement program that creates a healthy anabolic environment for healing and is very diligent about taking his supplements.

He felt that he was already eating a healthy diet, but recently he was just not feeling as good as he wanted to feel. So he decided to be Hauser Diet Typed. When asked what his goals were, Tim stated that his primary goal was to determine which foods promoted optimal health and well-being for his body, as well as wanting to feel good.

TimÔÇÖs diet history revealed that he was already eating organic foods as much as possible, was eating a lot of carbs, and little red meat.

He stated that he really likes all foods, but some of his favorite foods were dark chocolate, yogurt, trail mix, fish, vegetables, and ice cream. He drinks 50 oz of water daily, as well as orange juice with cherry concentrate every other day. He drinks tea a couple times per week and does not drink coffee.

Tim stated that he was comfortable at his current weight, and that weight was really not the issue. He just wanted to make sure he was eating optimally for his body. He currently walks 1.5 miles every day for 45 minutes and also gardens for 1-6 hours daily.


Age: 63
Weight: 164 lbs
Height: 67″
Ideal Body Weight 158 lbs
His venous blood pH was balanced but his one hour insulin demonstrated some insulin resistance.

Diet Typing Results:

Tim was placed on the Hauser Otter Diet. Since he consumed a significant amount of carbohydrates, he needed to limit fruit and overall carbohydrate intake in order to properly follow the Otter Diet of 50% protein, 25% fat, and 25% carbohydrate.

As an Otter Tim was told to focus on what is on his plate at meal time and that protein is key. Then add in vegetables, salad, and just a small amount of complex carbohydrates, not three simple carbohydrates such as rolls, potatoes, and corn.

Five week follow-up visit:

TimÔÇÖs food diary revealed that he was eating according to the Otter Diet for much of the time, but not all of the time. One problem Tim was having was with fruit, he was still eating fruit at nearly every meal, so we recommended he decrease his fruit intake to only one serving per day and increase his vegetable intake. He has a hard time not eating fruits, as it has always been in his mindset that fruits are ÔÇťhealthyÔÇŁ for you! (and this is a very common thing we hear from our Otter patients!)

The Otter Diet was TimÔÇÖs diet, but everyone is different and this diet may not be best for you. If you are interested in developing a healthy eating plan for your specific Diet Type, give us a call or make an appointment online and weÔÇÖll help you get started.

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