Success Story: Susan – Declining Health, Increasing Weight


When Susan reached her early fifties she noticed her health had been in slow decline and her weight had been in slow increase. Over the past 5 years, in increments of 5 pounds annually, she had become 25 pounds overweight.

She tried multiple solutions – working with a trainer, counting calories, cutting carbs, detox programs, etc. Nothing was working. A visit to a doctor lead to medication for her heartburn, a diagnosis of fatty liver and pre-diabetes. In addition to these new health concerns, Susan was working over 60 hours a week and had trouble keeping everything on track due to her low energy and her hectic schedule. No wonder she also had also had very low energy, about a level 3 out of 10.

One reason that Susan was having trouble staying on track was that she had no idea what track she should be on! That’s where the Hauser Diet came into play. Susan came to see us and had a few tests done – Diet Typing, food allergies, and hormone testing. It turned out that Susan was a fast oxidizer and that she would need the Otter diet to control her blood sugars. Her idea of cutting carbs in the past was not quite enough to support her blood sugar. But on top of her fast oxidation were a number of food allergies, actually Susan had the most food allergies out of any patient we had ever seen! She was in for some big changes and had to work very closely with our nutritionist to come up with specific meal ideas. Susan’s busy schedule presented a challenge in the preparation of her meals, but she didn’t let that stop her. She did exactly what she needed to do to follow he diet exactly.

One month later Susan returned to tell us that her energy level had increased tremendously and she was very happy with the way she could get through each day. She had lost a little bit of weight but not as much as she had hoped she would. We encouraged her to begin exercising and to stick with the diet. She also started on hormone replacement prescribed by Dr. Hauser and supplements to aid in weight loss.

After that visit we didn’t hear from Susan in a while. She didn’t come back to see us until 6 months later and she was more than happy with how she was doing. Her energy level was up to a level 8 out of 10, she had lost 15 pounds, and she had not had to take any seasonal allergy medicine since we last saw her, an unexpected outcome to her diet! She still had not found time to exercise, so again we encouraged her to do so, but the diet was going great despite all of her challenging food allergies.

Susan’s story is a perfect Hauser Diet case – she had tried everything, even working out with a personal trainer for a year, and still her health kept declining. She was on the verge of diabetes and was starting to battle indigestion. By getting on a specific diet for her own body she was able to fight through all of these health issues – all while working 60 hours a week – wow! It goes to show that with a little determination and some help getting on the right track, anything can be achieved. Are you ready to find the right path for your health? If so give Caring Medical a call and we can help you reach optimal health.

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