Success Story: Sue – Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a common condition we see here at Caring Medical and diet can play a big factor in the treatment and management of RA’s painful symptoms. There is a lot of research that shows a vegetarian diet works best for people with RA. However we still have our patients with RA go get Diet Typing to see exactly what their physiology looks like. Sometimes we may prescribe the Giraffe Diet, but sometimes a person may need just a little bit of protein, so they will start on the Monkey Diet. And of course, food allergies play a huge role in the management of RA.

A recent patient, Sue, came to see us for recently diagnosed RA. Sue was 35 years old and had just had a baby through a caesarian section. Six weeks after giving birth she notices that her hands and feet were swelling. She was prescribed prednisone but she did not want to start on a medication, especially since she was nursing her newborn. However when her hip started to have painful swelling and her walking became affected, she took a trip to the emergency room to relieve the pain she was experiencing. She was given some strong pain medications and her pain and swelling disappeared. However when they returned, she decided to make some changes. She suspected that she had candida (see The Hauser Diet & Candida), so she started eating more protein and also gave up dairy, wheat, and corn. The change in diet helped, but she once she stopped the diet her symptoms returned. Sue wanted to be exactly sure of what was causing her symptoms to flare-up – she did not want to play the guessing game with diet, so she came to see us.

Among other tests, Sue had Diet Typing and food allergy testing (See Monkeys and Allergies) done. Her Diet Typing revealed that she was a slow oxidizer and that she had acidic blood (See What Does It Mean To Have Acidic Blood?). While a vegetarian diet for RA would be good for her blood sugars, it would not do anything about her acidic blood. Sue started on the Monkey diet because she would need just some protein in her diet, but not too much to offset the RA.

While she waited for her food allergy test and other labs to come back, Sue would begin the Monkey diet. She was on her way to knowing for sure what to eat to help with her symptoms. There is so much nutrition information out there that many people are playing the guessing game with their diet. That can lead to frustration and can be potentially dangerous for your health. If you are ready to know for sure how and what to eat, contact us today to get started. With Diet Typing you can know exactly what to put on your plate.

Part 2

Last week we told you about our patient Sue who had Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Although a vegetarian diet is usually recommended for people with RA, Sue’s diet typing results showed that a little bit of protein would be beneficial for her physiology, so she was placed on the Monkey Diet. Sue left last time awaiting her food allergy results and some other lab results. She knew that she had some sort of allergy – she had recently eaten pizza and woke up the next day with debilitating pain. But was it the wheat crust? The cheese topping? Or the tomato sauce? She had been playing the guessing game by eliminating some gluten, and some dairy but had not given up either one completely. (See Monkeys and Allergies)

Her food allergy results showed that dairy was probably the culprit for some of her pain. She was also allergic to avocadoes and red peppers – two items that made up her lunch a few times a week. So she would have to make some changes, but good for her, the guessing game was over. Dr. Hauser reviewed the rest of her lab results and made various recommendations based on those. So Sue was off to continue her treatment and to see if she can bring her RA into remission.

Sue represents a few patients that we have who were previously very health conscious eating organic food and eating very similar to what her body needed, but she was just a bit off. Patients like Sue don’t need quite as much help from our nutritionist as other patients did. She just needed enough help to pinpoint the exact diet to follow and she was on her way.

So no matter how food savvy you are, we can help! Everyone needs to know exactly what to eat to support their physiology. Caring Medical can help, so give us a call or make an appointment online!

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