Success Story: Stacy – Digestion, Acid Reflux, & Bad Skin

When people realize that issues such as poor digestion and acne can be healed with Diet, they want to know exactly how diet can help. While it is true that certain nutrients and supplements can specifically help with certain conditions, it is best to get a sense of how overall diet can help instead of increasing one particular nutrient in your diet.

Stacy was a patient of ours who came for the exact reasons above ÔÇô acne and poor digestion that included constipation and acid reflux. As common among some of our patients, Stacy already ate a seemingly healthy diet ÔÇô lots of complex carbohydrates coupled with fresh fruits and vegetables. She had heard that the antioxidant in fruits and vegetables could help with acne, and that the fiber could help with constipation. She had even cut out most dairy and gluten from her diet, although she was not 100% free of these foods.

After Diet Typing, Stacy was prescribed the Bear Diet for her oxidation rate and her blood pH level. There were some changes that she would need to make, mainly adding protein to most of her meals and snacks. Although her food allergy results were not back, Dr. Hauser recommended avoiding dairy and gluten completely with the Bear Diet. So her current diet was not supporting her physiology despite all of the antioxidants she believed she was getting.

We didn’t hear back from Stacy for a while, so when she returned four months later we were eager to see how see how she was doing. Her food allergy results were back and she was indeed allergic to dairy and gluten. Stacy told us that her skin had cleared up and she was having less breakouts. Her energy was much better and she was sleeping better than she was before. Her digestion had improved although she still struggled with constipation. We suggested some supplements and other remedies for constipation while encouraging her to stick with the hypoallergenic Bear diet.

So for Stacy, the Bear Diet provided better skin appearance, higher energy, improved sleep, and improved digestion. Not too bad for just a few diet changes! What do you think could use some improvements in your life? Maybe Diet Typing can help ÔÇô now is a time to make the change!

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