Success Story: Seth – Balancing Horomones with The Hauser Diet

When Seth started noticing a decrease in energy and some extra weight around his mid-section, he knew he needed a change. As a 41 year-old health club manager, Seth takes his health seriously. He stays active with 90-minute workouts four times a week and watches his diet very carefully. He told us he would like to be more active but he can’t seem to find the energy or motivation to workout like he did a few years prior. When he started to experience knee pain he came to see us for Prolotherapy. As we talked with Seth we learned that he had his testosterone levels checked at his doctor’s office, and those levels were low. We told him about our natural medicine program and how the Hauser Diet and other natural medicine remedies could help.

Seth was eager to have Hauser Diet Typing done ÔÇô he wanted not only to raise his testosterone levels, but also add some variety and purpose to his healthy diet plan. His current diet plan looked seemingly healthy according to traditional nutrition standards. He started each day with a high fiber cereal or oatmeal with skim milk, followed by a piece of fruit midmorning. For lunch he had a lunchmeat sandwich with lettuce, tomato, an apple, some almonds and string cheese. He drank a large fruit smoothie with liquid egg whites every afternoon and either chicken or salmon with some bread at night. These are all ÔÇťhealthyÔÇŁ foods, but are they right for Seth’s body?

His Diet Typing results revealed that his current diet was not what he needed to support his physiology. As a fast oxidizer with acidic blood pH, Seth needed a high protein and fat diet with limited carbohydrates. Unfortunately, the high carbohydrate breakfast and multiple servings of fruit per day were only causing blood sugar spikes and acidic bloodÔÇôa recipe for an energy level disaster! Additionally, his food allergy results showed that he was allergic to eggs, dairy, gluten, almonds, peanuts, pineapple, and flaxseed. Seth consumed all of these foods daily. He would need some serious diet changes to support his physiology for better energy, optimal weight, and balanced hormone levels.

Dr. Hauser also suggested that Seth start natural hormone replacement with a bio-identical testosterone cream. He explained to Seth that presently his body was not producing enough testosterone. Since low testosterone is a risk factor for heart disease and can lead to other health problems, supplementation can be a good idea for people with low levels.

In Seth’s case, his Diet Typing results showed that he was glucose intolerant. As his body became more glucose intolerant through the consumption of a high carbohydrate diet, his body’s testosterone levels continued to decrease.

Therefore a change in diet was needed to support the body’s production of testosterone. More protein and fewer carbohydrates are what Seth needed to balance his hormones; therefore he is an Otter Diet Type. Until the Seth’s physiology was corrected through diet, supplementing with testosterone was a good idea.

When Seth came back for a follow-up he told us his changes have been interesting. Decreasing the fruit in his diet was a big change but he was enjoying different recipes for protein shakes to replace the fruit smoothies. He was also trying new meal and snack ideas and was finding purpose behind his choices. Within a month he was noticing a decrease in weight and a firmer midsection. He was happy with his diet changes and was able to add some more activity to his day.

Seth is scheduled to have his testosterone levels checked in a couple of months. As his levels begin to normalize, he will be able to adjust the testosterone supplementation and his diet plan. The goal is to reach optimal health by ensuring that his diet plan supports his physiology and that his hormones are at appropriate levels. Seth is one of the many examples of a patient who decided to take his health to the next level by figuring out the correct healthy diet plan with the goal of optimizing testosterone levels, energy, and weight.

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