Success Story: Sara – Food Allergies

Even if you are following the Bear Diet perfectly, you may be missing an important piece to your overall health puzzle if you do not test for food allergies in addition to your Hauser Diet Typing.

Take the case of Sara, a Hauser Bear Diet Type who was following the diet perfectly. Sara was eating all organic whole grains, vegetables, and meats, and feeling very good. What she didn’t know was that she could have been feeling great! After one month on the Hauser Bear Diet, Sara received her food allergy test results and learned that she had a gluten allergy and that all of the healthy whole grains she was eating were actually harming her. She also had a pineapple and garlic allergy. Sara had to make some adjustments to her diet – she discovered gluten-free pastas, breads, and crackers that fit nicely into her current meal plans. She stopped cooking with garlic and started exploring other spices to use in her dishes at home. She also had to stop eating pineapple, which she didn’t mind doing.

Now Sara is feeling great, her weight is continuing to drop and she is almost to her goal weight. She also has more energy and says that she doesn’t feel as bloated as she used to feel. Initially it took time to adjust to watching out for gluten, but once Sara got the hang of things she began to enjoy her gluten-free meals without reservation.

There are many people that have food allergies that don’t even know it. If someone has a sensitivity or allergy to a particular food it could be causing symptoms like low energy, headaches, inability to heal properly, mental fog, weight gain, and many other symptoms. These symptoms can be relieved by avoiding any foods you are allergic to! If you haven’t had your food allergies tested, it may be a good time to consider having that test done; your health will never be the same!

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