Success Story: Sally – Headache Relief, Weight Loss, & More

Sally came to Caring Medical with a primary concern of headaches. During her initial history and physical examination, she mentioned that she had some other minor issues such as abdominal bloating and occasional acne out breaks. She was interested in a natural medicine our natural approach to relieving her headaches since they had begun to occur more frequently.

Her current diet was a seemingly healthy diet of eggs, lots of fruit, small amounts of lean protein, and large servings of complex carbohydrates. During her first visit with Dr. Hauser we learned that Sally tended to feel cold compared most people and that drinking coffee gave her a buzz and she could never drink it before bed. These two signs gave us clues to Sally’s current blood pH.

We had a feeling she would be acidic. People with acidic blood tend to feel colder, and coffee lowers blood pH and therefore makes acidic blood even more acidic, causing a stimulated buzzed feeling. People with acidic blood have a hard time sleeping when they drink coffee too close to bedtime.

Once Sally’s Diet Typing results came back we were able to confirm that Sally in fact had acidic blood. Not only did she have acidic blood, she was also a fast oxidizer. Sally’s high carbohydrate diet was not giving Sally the correct fuel for her body. She needed the Hauser Otter Diet to provide enough protein to correct her blood pH and to balance her blood sugars. Unfortunately, Sally’s test results revealed another twist. She was going to have to avoid some common Otter foods – eggs, beef, and almonds – because they showed up as positive allergens on her food allergy test.

Sally worked with our dietitian to come up with meals that she could enjoy and fit into her lifestyle. She remained positive throughout all of the changes she made to her diet and the result was a huge impact on her health.

Three months later, she returned to report that her headaches were gone, her bloating was non-existent, her skin was much healthier, and her energy was improved. She was even experiencing a busy time at work and had decreased her exercise significantly, yet she lost 8 pounds! Sally saw more results than she expected: eating right for her Diet Type helped to relieve her main issue, the headaches, plus a multitude of others!

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