Success Story: Rich – Food Sensitivity Testing


When a Prolotherapy patient, Rich, told us that he was having painful digestion in the form of acid stomach, cramping and diarrhea, we informed him of how the Hauser Diet could help. Rich was an active man in his mid-forties who was tired of being slowed down by his troublesome stomach. In addition to his digestive pains, he was also experiencing low energy, sinus problems, and excess weight. He had even had three sinus surgeries that left him with no relief from sinus symptoms. As we listened to all of Rich’s complaints, we knew that following the right diet plan would help him in many ways.

Rich headed to our lab for Diet Typing and food sensitivity testing. As he awaited his results we took a look at his current diet and knew immediately that he would have quite a few changes to make. Rich ate fast food for breakfast and lunch on most days, and consumed diet colas with these meals. He also drank 4 glasses of powdered “lite” flavored drinks every night with a frozen dinner and only drank one bottle of water each day. He told us that since he lived on his own, he needed quick meals and never took the time to prepare fresh food. The foundation of each Hauser Diet Type is fresh, organic food. Therefore no matter which Diet Type Rich turned out to be, he would need some guidance on fresh cooking and meal preparation.

The timing of Rich’s Diet Typing came at a crucial time – his results revealed that he had high insulin levels and that he was on his way to developing Type II Diabetes.

Rich needed a new diet plan not only for his painful digestion, but also to prevent disease.  His high insulin levels, fast oxidation, and acidic blood pH all pointed towards the Otter Diet Type. Rich would need to switch to a higher protein, lower carbohydrate diet plan in order to control his blood sugars and insulin levels. But those aren’t the only changes Rich would have to make. His food allergy results showed that he was highly reactive to over 70 foods and spices – no wonder he had painful digestion! Our nutritionist guided him through meal ideas and the Otter Diet principles, and no doubt, it was still a bit overwhelming. But we knew he was determined for the sake of not developing Type II Diabetes. We encouraged him to try the best he could and offered him as much support as he needed.

After a month of implementing changes and corresponding with our diet coach for advice, Rich was noticing some major differences. His cramping and diarrhea were completely gone and he had lost about eight pounds!

His sinus symptoms and energy were still problems for him and a review of his food diary revealed the allergenic foods were the likely culprit. His protein intake was better, and also still had some room for improvement, as does Rich’s love for fast food and frozen dinners. Our diet coach is still working with Rich to make the necessary lifestyle changes to eating right. Rich is certainly on his way to eating right for his Diet Type and we keep up with him to make sure he is staying motivated and staying on track.

He is a great example of an Otter who has to do a total overhaul on his diet, but has the motivation and the reason to continue. Rich is not a case of an overnight health turnaround, as his lifetime of eating bad food got him to where he was, but in the short time, he’s made “big” changes from his normal routine, and continues to improve. We continue to keep in touch with Rich and patients like him who are on the lifetime road to wellness. It’s comforting to our patients to know the Hauser Diet is a physician-run program that offers more than just a diet. It’s the total package!

Following the correct Diet Type can do wonders for a person’s health. If you have concerns or health goals you are hoping to achieve, take a minute to consider what Diet Typing can do for you. Like Rich, you can see an elimination of troublesome symptoms and ensure that you are able to prevent disease before you have to fight it in the future.

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