Success Story: Ralph – The Heavy Doctor

It is common to see that the people who take care of so many people often become too busy to take care of themselves. We had one such patient come to see us – a busy doctor, Ralph, who had seen a 20 pound increase in the past 2 years and was also experiencing knee pain and excessive bloating and indigestion. With the busy days between the hospital and his office he noticed energy crashes.

After coming to see us for Prolotherapy treatments to his knee, Ralph decided to give Diet Typing a try. His results immediately showed why he was experiencing energy crashes – he was a fast oxidizer of food and his blood sugars spiked shortly after drinking the sugar drink and then came tumbling down.

His current diet consisted of some carbohydrates and some protein with meals that were few and far between. His diet definitely needed a change. We started Ralph on the Otter diet while we waited for his food allergy results to come back. During his initial nutrition consultation, we discussed various meals and snacks that Ralph could eat during his busy days, and ways to get more frequent meals in.

Seven weeks later Ralph came back for a follow up visit. He had lost 5 pounds and had noticed a decrease in abdominal fat. He had in fact lost an inch in his waist and a half an inch in his hips. He had also noticed that his digestion was much better and he wasn’t experiencing belching like he was before Diet Typing. Ralph was excited about the changes he was seeing, and we were too, but we knew there were more to come. His food allergy results were back and two of his most commonly eaten foods were allergies for him – wheat and almonds. By eliminating these foods we were sure that Ralph would see even more results. But the most important thing was that he had been able to find ways to incorporate the diet into his lifestyle. With all of his work in taking care of others, it was important that he learned how to take care of himself.

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