Success Story: Not Able To Lose Weight? It Could Be Food Allergies

Here’s a case study about patient that couldn’t see the benefits of getting rid of foods he had allergies to until after we saw them for a follow up.

A 60 year old man who came to Caring Medical because of migraines and some other issues presumably related to hormones. After seeing the doctor, he was told to have Hauser Diet Typing and food allergy panel testing done along with his other labs. He typed out to be a Monkey, which is a diet higher in carbohydrates, but lower in fat and protein. Along with concern for the headaches, he was also interested in losing about 15 pounds. We discussed his diet and off he went, confident that this was something he could fit into his lifestyle.

He received his food allergy test results a few weeks later and then a few weeks after that, we met for a follow-up appointment. He said he had been following the diet almost perfectly since day one. He said he felt great and had a lot of energy and he had lost weight, but it took him a few weeks to start seeing the weight loss. K. also stated that he didn’t really notice any difference after eliminating the foods he was allergic to. We asked him when he got the food allergy results and when he started getting rid of those foods. His response was a few weeks into the diet. We sat there and smiled at him, waiting for him to make the connection. It was definitely one of those, oh moments. You know, the ones where something clicks and you get it? We pointed out that this is why many people don’t realize they have food allergies. Sometimes the “symptoms” aren’t those that some would associate with having food allergies. Weight loss or gain is just one of the many things we see that are linked to food allergies.

He now sees the value in eliminating those foods from his diets. His migraines are being addressed with the doctor using other techniques. The Diet Typing showed him how to eat so that his body can function most optimally. The food allergy testing definitely uncovered the reason for K.’s inability to lose weight! Just by having one simple test, he now feels better and isn’t fighting a losing battle with weight loss, plus he’s feeding his body foods that are good for HIM! If you think food allergies may be affecting you or you are interested in Diet Typing, give us a call, it’s easy to find out!

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