Success Story: Molly – Migraines & The Hauser Diet

Molly had been battling migraines for over ten years when she came to see us. They started to intensify just months before, occurring more frequently and accompanied with vomiting. She had visited the emergency room on more than one occasion and was taking injections and an oral medication for the migraines and associated nausea. Additionally, she was having trouble sleeping, low energy, struggling with irritability and had gained 20 pounds in one year.

When she came to Caring Medical for help, Dr. Hauser discussed a number of options. He told her that one or more of the following typically causes migraines: neck tenderness or injury, hormone imbalance, and incorrect diet. He talked at length about each of these causes and stressed the importance of a correct diet plan to provide the body with the right tools to heal.

Diet Typing, Food Sensitivity, Hormone Testing

Molly agreed to pursue Diet Typing in order to figure out the diet plan that would best support her physiology. She also had food sensitivity testing and hormone testing, which are blood tests done in our office. She was recommended a number of supplements to help with her many troubles. Dr. Hauser told her that it may take up to six months to completely heal, but Molly knew that it would be worth it to correct ten years of awful migraines.

When Molly met with our diet coach, the first thing they reviewed was Molly’s current diet. She tended to eat food that required little to no preparation like bagels with cream cheese, burgers and fries, and meat with beans. She drank 60oz of water each day, but she also consumed Gatorade, soda, diet green tea, and 16oz of coffee every morning. These types of foods and beverages were not the best choices for Molly’s Diet Type, which turned out to be the Otter Diet. Molly was a fast oxidizer with acidic blood pH.

The carbohydrates and sugar-drinks only exacerbated her blood sugar swings and attributed more to her acidic blood pH. With this unbalanced physiology, it was no wonder Molly was experiencing all of the problems that she was – her migraines, low energy, trouble sleeping, irritability, and weight gain could all be attributed to her imbalanced physiology!

On top of her Diet Typing results, we also found out that Molly had quite a few food allergies – gluten, dairy, and beans were some of her worst allergens. After help from our diet coach, Molly had a solid understanding of the Otter Diet and her food allergies.

Over the next few weeks, Molly made an effort to change her diet. She was also prescribed natural hormone replacement to help balance her hormones. After two months, Molly was noticing some great improvements. Not only had the frequency of her migraines significantly reduced, she had also lost eight pounds. After three months on her new diet plan, hormone replacement, and supplements, Molly called us to tell us that she was completely migraine free and was feeling great. She had no complaints and was thrilled with the changes she had seen in just three months.

We were glad to see that Molly had reached her “normal” self again and we keep in touch to be sure that she is still symptom-free. Molly is the perfect example of someone who embraced her new diet plan and recommended course of action to find relief of symptoms that had plagued her for so long. If you’ve been ignoring your own symptoms for too long, and want to get to the bottom of what’s really going on, just make an appointment!

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