Success Story: Mike – Otters & Allergies

Hauser Otter Diet Types require diets that are protein and fat based, with minimal carbohydrates. So Hauser Otters fill their plates primarily with animal-based products such as beef, chicken, pork, eggs, lamb, turkey, and the like, the smaller part of their diets being vegetables, with a few whole grains.

Interestingly enough, you may be missing an important piece to your overall health puzzle if you do not test for food allergies. Take the case of Mike, a Hauser Diet Otter who loved milk and drank almost a gallon a day!

When Mike began to follow the Hauser Otter Diet he did not seem to notice any huge differences in the way that he felt. His energy was not as high as he wanted it to be and he not lost the weight he wanted to lose. We suggested that eliminating dairy might be helpful, especially considering how much he consumed, but Mike was skeptical. After some discussion, Mike decided to get his food allergies tested.

His allergy response to dairy was off the charts! We also discovered that Mike had allergies to eggs, gluten, and pistachios, his favorite nut.

Mike was a little overwhelmed with his allergy test results, but he began to realize the many alternatives available. He learned that he could try other beverages such as soy milk, almond milk, or hemp milk on the Hauser Otter Diet. He also learned that eggs are not the only breakfast item an Otter can have ÔÇô he tried chicken sausage, organic bacon, nut butters, polenta, and delicious protein shakes. The gluten free items on the market today are numerous, and thankfully on the Hauser Otter Diet, he could focus more on the meat and vegetables in his diet.

After a few weeks Mike began to notice weight loss, improved digestion, and clearer thinking. He never knew that he could feel so clear-minded. Before knowing his food allergies, he had no clue that the gallon of milk per day and his favorite nuts were causing him health problems.

There are many people that have food allergies that donÔÇÖt even know it. If someone has a sensitivity or allergy to a particular food it could be causing symptoms like low energy, headaches, inability to heal properly, mental fog, weight gain, and many other symptoms. These symptoms can be relieved by avoiding any foods you are allergic to! If you havenÔÇÖt had your food allergies tested, it may be a good time to consider having that test done; your health will never be the same!

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