Success Story: Michael – Insulin Levels & Weight

The Hauser Diet includes blood work that looks at what is going on inside of your body. To determine one’s particular diet type, a person will have his blood pH tested and have a glucose tolerance test. In addition to the glucose tolerance test, it is important to measure the insulin levels. For Diet Typing, we measure the insulin levels at a fasting level and one hour after consuming a sugar drink. Many other labs will perform glucose tolerance tests without measuring any insulin levels. But we have seen that the insulin is an essential part of knowing what is going on in someone after consuming carbohydrates, or sugar. Why? Because insulin is the hormone that brings glucose (sugar) from the blood into the cells. Out-of-range insulin levels indicate that the body is not processing sugar the way it should be and can tell us if the cells are resisting the insulin.

A perfect example is a patient we recently saw, Michael, who came to see us with a number of goals in mind: to lose weight, increase his energy, relieve his irritable bowel syndrome and improve his mental health. His blood pH was acidic, indicating that he needed more protein. But his glucose tolerance test resembled that of a slow oxidizer. So at first look, Michael’s tolerance of carbohydrates looked completely normal. However when his insulin results came in the next day, we saw that his body does not tolerate carbohydrates very well at all! His fasting insulin level was normal ÔÇô right at 12 units. One hour after drinking the sugar drink, his insulin went into overdrive, his levels shot up to 119 units. We like to see the hour insulin levels around 40 units, he was three times that amount! In other words, a normal amount of insulin was not enough to get the sugar from the blood to the cells, his body had to work three times as hard as the average person to process the blood sugar. These levels indicate diabetes and put Michael at risk for heart disease.

Michael was placed on the Otter Diet in order to get a high protein, low carbohydrate diet ratio. Protein naturally breaks down slower than carbohydrate, so when a person has high blood sugars or high insulin levels, a high protein diet will work with the person’s body to use food for energy, weight loss, and much more! So as you can see, a glucose tolerance test often does not provide enough information. Checking insulin levels is essential in determining the right diet for a person to follow.

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