Success Story: Mary – Preventing Diabetes with Diet

With all of the nutrition information out there, it is no wonder that people are confused about what they should be eating. We recently had a Diet Typing patient who was sure that she needed protein with every meal. Her mom had Type 2 diabetes so this patient, Mary, decided to try to prevent diabetes through diet. However Mary was obese and needed to lose some weight. A look at her food diary showed that she ate similar to the Bear Diet and ate mostly fresh food. She was sure that she would type out to be an Otter.

Mary was very surprised by her results ÔÇô she was a slow oxidizer with balanced blood pH – a Monkey! No wonder she was overweight. The protein at every meal was too much for her slow oxidation; her body can’t break down that much protein in time to make energy. Her slow oxidation explained why she could eat eggs and toast for breakfast and skip lunch with no problem. She was also experiencing sluggishness and lack of motivation to finish projects that she started. We believed that diet could help with that. She also had a chronic problem with acne ÔÇô she had been breaking out since her teenage years and had been put on many antibiotics and topical lotions over the years. We believed that food allergies may have something to do with her breakouts, so we were curious to see what her food allergy results would show.

For now, Mary is off to begin the Monkey Diet. We will follow-up with her in a few weeks when her food allergy results are back and we will update you on her progress. If your story seems similar to Mary’s, give Diet Typing a try. You may be surprised with the results!

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