Success Story: Mary – High Insulin Levels

The main tests for Diet Typing consist of a glucose tolerance test and a blood pH level. However there are some cases where we have to wait for some additional information such as the insulin levels.

Insulin is the hormone that carries glucose (or sugar) from the blood into the cells to be used as energy. There is an optimal range for insulin, but if it is too high that indicates that the body is developing insulin resistance. In other words, the body is having to secrete more insulin in order to transport glucose into the cells, which is a lot of work for the body. So a person who has high insulin levels will need some sort of high protein diet.

That was the case of Mary

At 59 years of age she had seen her health start to slip. She had a lot going on in her personal life that was affecting her health, so she was ready to make some changes and start taking care of herself.

She had gained 20 pounds in the past 10 years and was experiencing hot flashes and hair loss. Some of the other doctors she had seen wanted to prescribe antidepressants, but Mary wanted to avoid that. So Dr. Hauser ordered Diet Typing and the comprehensive natural medicine package.

Since Diet Typing results are available on the day of testing, we decided to put Mary on the Monkey Diet due to her slow oxidation and her balanced blood pH. She was a Monkey Diet Type. Her food diary showed that she would need to make some changes — she would need some fresh foods, more vegetables, and she would need to drastically cut down on her 2 pots of coffee per day!

So Mary was off to start the Monkey Diet. While sometimes we wait to give diet orders for patients, we decided not to with Mary. The following day showed us that we should have waited. Mary’s insulin levels were more almost three times what they should be — her body was working overtime to get her blood sugar into her cells — way too much stress for a person’s body. So with these results, we decided that the Otter diet would be best for Mary. We immediately made the change and Mary was off with a new diet.

As we follow Mary’s case we will let you know how she does! If you are curious as to how your body handles sugar and carbohydrates, Diet Typing is a great option for you — you will be amazed at seeing how your body works!

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