Success Story: Mary – Fabulous at 50 & Beyond!

Everyone hits that point (or points!) in their life when they make the decision to make a change. It could be moving to a different location, changing careers, getting a new hair style, or getting healthy! What ever the change is it will come at a time that is right for you. I’ve seen it here at Caring Medical with patients turning 35, 40, 50, 60, 70 and beyond! Something happens that makes them say, “Okay I really have to get it together!”

This is a story about a patient of ours who had this epiphany at the age of 50. We’ll call her Mary. Mary came to us this fall with issues of excess weight, anxiety, and high cholesterol. After meeting with the doctor, he had her to Diet Typing. Her results for Diet Typing all came out normal which made her a Bear, so we needed to take a look at how she was currently eating and her physical activity level. It was obvious that she was going to have to make some lifestyle choices.

Mary’s Habits

1. Sporadic eating with no set meal times
2. Breakfast? Maybe every other day. BUT Coffee every morning
3. Liquid Intake: Lots of Soda, a “couple of cans a day”
4. Really Bad Food Staple: “Ice Cream”

Fortunately Mary had a job that required physical activity and this was her “exercise”

Hauser Diet Make Over

1. We went over what is a correct portion size
2. Eat breakfast, and in Mary’s case, a good “BEAR” breakfast – eat one every day
3. Soda Pop – GONE!

Fortunately Mary was anxious to start a new health program, so we further introduced her to the Hauser Bear Diet. I’ve check in with this patient twice since starting her Hauser Bear Diet and steady progress has been made each time. The first time we followed up after three weeks she had nearly eliminated all soda pop from her diet, which was 3 weeks before that!

After 3 months she was still doing great. She has lost almost 20 pounds, is two sizes smaller, and has made some significant changes. She can count on one hand how many soda pops she’s had since we first met, and she can also count on one hand how many times she has not eaten breakfast!

This was a person who was serious about getting healthy and is proof that making some small lifestyle changes can have some significant positive effects…no matter what your age!

Of course results vary from individual to individual and Mary’s results may not be your results, but Mary was over 50 and now on the way to being a Fabulous 50ish!

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