Success Story: Mark – Diet For Heart Disease

Which Diet For Heart Disease? Lo-Carb or Lo-Fat?

For some, a lo-carb/high fat diet is a great diet. It’s helped patients restore energy, lower cholesterol, lose weight and reduce the risk of heart disease. For others it is exactly the wrong type diet. This is why we developed the Hauser Diet Typing Program, to help patients determine which diet would be the best for their health.

Here is such a story of one patient

Coming to Caring Medical can often lead to learning something about your health that you were previously clueless about. That’s what happened with Mark. Mark needed to lose weight, wanted more energy, and had problems with sinusitis which led to his interest in food allergy testing.

During his initial consultation, Dr. Hauser recommended getting a heart scan to see if there was any calcium buildup in his heart. So Mark decided to have Diet Typing, food allergy testing, and a heart scan done.

Mark had been following the Lo-Carb diet, a high protein, high fat diet. He liked this diet, but he was obese and was almost 150% of his ideal body weight! Either it was not working for him, or he wasn’t eating exactly what he said he was eating.

Interestingly enough, Mark’s Diet Typing results showed that he was a Monkey – exactly opposite of what he was eating. No wonder he was overweight and fatigued – his body needed complex carbohydrates and vegetables, not protein and fat. Mark was not too eager to switch his diet – he was accustomed to eating this way and was very skeptical about making the changes. However he agreed to give it a try and come back in one month to follow up.

One month later Mark returned to follow up with Dr. Hauser and the nutritionist. Mark’s heart scan results were back and they were not good. They showed that 75% of his heart had blockages! Mark had heart disease and needed to do something fast to reverse this disease. His diet was a major change that he needed to stick with. When Mark met with the nutritionist he was very disturbed by his heart scan results. He had been loosely following the Monkey diet and was noticing some changes in his energy. His food allergy results had returned and he was going to have to make more adjustments. His heart disease was a major motivator for him to change. The visit with the nutritionist went well and they talked extensively about what types of meals and snacks Mark would need to start eating. Following the Monkey Diet and avoiding all of his food allergies would be essential to prevent further complications.

Mark was off to a new life. He left with the knowledge of what he had to do to make changes, and he had the support of Caring Medical behind him. No matter what the results of each of our patients are, we make sure to look at everyone’s total health to be sure that their bodies are as healthy as can be. Give us a call or make an appointment online, to set up your Diet Typing today and receive all the support you need to be on the right track.

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