Success Story: Lisa – Overcoming a Busy Schedule to Eat Right

Do you feel as though your busy schedule keeps you from eating healthy?

Take the case of Lisa, a busy hospice nurse who works 3 days a week. While she is able to eat healthy on her days off, her workdays are busy from 7am to 5pm with barely any time to even use the bathroom! And to top it all off, her workplace is full of sweets and pastries that make it hard to follow a particular diet. Her days off consisted of foods such as bagels, peanut butter, fruit, yogurt, sandwiches on whole whet bread, etc. ÔÇö healthy, right? Well, for Lisa, these foods were not healthy, they were completely wrong for her Diet Type! She was experiencing all over body pain from fibromyalgia, low energy, and excessive weight. Lisa was in need of a change. As a fast oxidizer she would need to eat more protein and fat, and also eat more often on her busy days. Lisa was placed on the Otter diet.

So how would she incorporate this diet into her busy workdays? While it sounds hard, it is completely possible! During her initial consultation we discussed quick protein shakes she could make in the morning and sip on throughout the day. We discussed snacks such as beef jerkey, nuts, peanut butter and cracker sandwiches that she could quickly grab while on the go. We talked about meals such as chicken salad or tuna salad and cut vegetables that are easy to take a few bites of and come back to during a quick break during work. And we also discussed keeping all of these Otter friendly foods readily available so that she could eliminate any temptation to snack on the sweets and pastries..

We worked with Lisa to find foods that she liked and that would work with her schedule. If you are overwhelmed with all the diet advice out there and with all the busyness in your life, please come see us! We believe that healthy eating is vital to preventing sickness, disease, and living a healthy enjoyable life. The end results of healthy eating are well worth the short time it takes to get started. Give us a call today!

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