Success Story: Lisa – Diet for Weight Loss, Energy, Allergies, & Digestion

Could it all be the same diet? Busy mom sees great improvement in weight, energy, bloating, and after switching to hypoallergenic Hauser Otter Diet

We have known Lisa as a colleague for over five years. She believes in what we do, but she never felt the urgency to have Diet Typing and food allergy testing because she thought she was pretty healthy. Through an odd series of circumstances, our paths crossed, and we talked again. Lisa was approaching 40 and was realizing that may be she was not feeling as good as she wanted and wanted to have more energy and do all that she could do in order to be around for her kids in the future. It was definitely one of those “ah ha” moments. Lisa was ready to get healthier.

About a month ago, Lisa came in for her initial consultation and lab testing. Dr. Hauser recommended that she get Hauser Diet Typing along with 190 foods allergy testing.

Her goals were to:

• improve energy,
• lose about 15 pounds,
• feel less bloated, and
• improve her ability to focus and be productive.

Lisa had a history of:

• chronic sinus infections,
• allergies,
• constant congestion,
• all-over bloated feeling, and was frequently getting sick.

Otherwise, she suffered from no major diseases. But she felt that if she didn’t make some changes now, that she soon would be headed down that path.

Lisa’s Diet Typing Results

Lisa’s Diet Typing Results revealed that she was a fast oxidizer of food with a slightly acidic blood pH. This meant that Lisa had a tendency toward hypoglycemia and that she needed to eat frequently.

Her food allergy testing revealed that she was allergic to cow’s milk, all cheeses, eggs, wheat (gluten), beef, lamb, avocadoes, pineapple, and almonds. Lisa was instructed to follow the Hauser Otter Diet. She was on a mission. She went home and read the Hauser Diet book from cover to cover and marked it up with things she wanted to remember. She brought her food allergy list with her to the grocery store.

Lisa reported that her main problem areas were finding non-allergenic breakfast foods, as well as reducing the amount of fruit she ate, as well as realizing that fat was actually okay for her to eat. She reported, “Every time I ever went on a diet, I would eat fruit and avoid fat, so it’s hard for me to change those habits.”

The Healthy Diet Plan

We met with Lisa and helped her come up with some hypoallergenic food choices and discussed some gluten-dairy-egg-free options with her. The main focus of the Otter Diet plan is to consume protein and vegetables, with a few complex carbs, and just a little fruit. Lisa started adding things like polenta and quinoa to her breakfast meal plans, and added peanut or cashew butter along with some organic chicken sausages or Canadian bacon. She also made some sautéed vegetables and had those for breakfast as well. She had no problem adjusting to eating “non-breakfast” foods for breakfast. Lisa also started making protein shakes using hemp protein powder and soy milk which she found especially helpful in the busy mornings with her kids. Lisa basically gave up soda and coffee, she only drinks a half of a cup of coffee in the morning just to get a taste.

Lisa was also happy for all of the recipes that were provided in the Hauser Diet book, along with the recipes provided on and our Facebook page.

Progress Report

Lisa reports that she feels SO much better, has unbelievable energy, sees a difference in her entire body – it’s not bloated and puffy. Her face is leaner looking, and she lost 7 pounds in a month!

She now power walks for an hour 5 or 6 times per week, along with some kind of strength workout. She never used to have enough energy to be able to accomplish these things. Lisa is so ecstatic and happy that she came in to see us! She wants so badly for her husband to come in as well – because she knows how great she feels and she wants the same for him! He has a family history of heart disease, so she wants him to make sure he is around a long time.

Getting on the right diet for heart disease might be different than what you think it should be. Never underestimate the power of food in keeping you healthy! If this case sounds like you – then give us a call or make an appointment online. No sense waiting – be like Lisa and get going!

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