Success Story: Lenny – Diet & Chronic Pain

Lenny was a 40 year old man who came to Caring Medical for chronic hip pain. We were treating his pain with Prolotherapy, an injection technique that stimulates the body to repair the painful area. During his treatment series, Lenny became interested in learning more about our approach to diet, specifically when it comes to food allergies. When we say food allergies, many people get the wrong impression. You may think of a person being allergic to peanuts, where eating just one peanut would cause immediate hives and swelling of tongue, or other such severe immediate reactions. These are typically tested for by using a scratch  test, such as done at an allergist’s office. However, what we look for at Caring Medical is delayed food allergies, which may have a harmful effect in the body for many hours or days after the food is eaten.

Common food sensitivity signs:

  • GI upset such as diarrhea, irritable bowel, gas, or cramping
  • Headaches
  • Skin disorders, such as dry/splitting skin or a puffy appearance
  • Chronic sinus congestion/ runny nose
  • Chronic joint pain/swelling that will not fully respond to treatments such as Prolotherapy

Lenny began a gluten-free (wheat product-free) diet. Within one week, he called us to say that his hip was feeling better than it ever had, and his energy was great. Within a month, Lenny could not have been happier. He said he never realized the harm that the wheat products were causing him.

For years he had such dry skin on his feet and hands, that the skin would split and bleed almost daily. He had also noticed that his face was less puffy-looking after getting gluten out of his diet. What’s more, Lenny did not necessarily even miss gluten-containing foods. He had plenty of allergen-free food options available that he never felt like he was missing out.

What Lenny experienced is very typical of the cases we see respond very well to the Hauser Diet Typing Program. Often there are foods a person is eating every day that they considered “healthy” such as yogurt, whole grain bread, egg whites, and soy milk that may actually be causing a delayed allergic reaction within the body.

If you suffer from symptoms that you feel may be related to your diet, we would be happy to help you get down to the bottom of it.

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