Success Story: Ken – Lions & Allergies


Hauser Lion Diet Types like you require diets that are protein and fat based, with minimal carbohydrates. So Hauser Lions fill their plates primarily with animal-based products such as beef, chicken, pork, eggs, lamb, turkey, and the like, the smaller part of their diets being vegetables.

However, you may be missing another important piece to your overall health puzzle – food allergies.

Take the case of Ken, a Hauser Lion who had no clue what his allergy results were going to reveal because he didn’t really think he had any. But Dr. Hauser felt that something else was causing his symptoms of body pain, so he ordered the testing. When the results were in, Ken had a number of common allergies: dairy, eggs, gluten (wheat), kidney beans, and navy beans; and also some more uncommon allergies: ginger and psyllium seed.

Being a Hauser Lion, there were some changes Ken had to make and he was a little concerned. After learning about the numerous alternatives to some of these foods, Ken began to feel a little better. He learned that he could try other beverages such as soy milk, almond milk or hemp milk on the Hauser Lion Diet.

He also learned that eggs are not the only breakfast item a Lion can eat – he tried chicken sausage, organic bacon, and a delicious protein shake in the morning. The gluten free items on the market today are numerous, and thankfully on the Lion Diet, he could focus more on the meat and vegetables in his diet. One minor change – he had to stop taking his fiber supplement that contained psyllium and switch to a flaxseed supplements. It was a good thing for Ken that the allergy tests included so many foods, big and small!

There are many people that have food allergies that don’t even know it. If someone has a sensitivity or allergy to a particular food it could be causing symptoms like low energy, headaches, inability to heal properly, mental fog, weight gain, and many other symptoms. These symptoms can be relieved by avoiding any foods you are allergic too! If you haven’t had your food allergies tested, it may be a good time to consider having that test done; your health will never be the same!

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