Success Story: Kathy – A Patient Starts the Lion Diet

The Hauser Diet is able to address a multitude of health conditions. We see many patients who come to us with a host of issues that they want to resolve and many of them are surprised when we start with diet. But the reality is what you eat affects almost every function of your body.

Take the case of Kathy, a young 25 year old patient who was battling extreme fatigue, joint pain, migraines and weight gain. Kathy would take multiple naps on the weekends and struggled to get through each workday. When she first came to see us she was on nine different medications! As a result, Kathy had very little appetite and ate mostly small portions of simple carbohydrates such as cereal, popcorn, fruit and just a little bit of meat and vegetables.

Before coming to see us Kathy had a glucose tolerance test done and she was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. So already we knew that Kathy would need some sort of high protein diet to support her blood sugars. Her current diet was not doing the trick. To get a complete view of her physiology, we tested her blood pH. The result was an acidic reading meaning that Kathy would need an extremely high protein diet to support her physiology. As with many of our patients she also received food allergy testing. The results from the food allergies take about 3 weeks to come back, so in the meantime Kathy was started on the Lion Diet.

She would need to significantly change her diet by eating protein and/or fat with every meal and snack. She would also need to eat more often, which would be a challenge for her since her appetite was so low.

One month later Kathy had a phone consultation with our nutritionist. She was still having trouble with joint pain and fatigue, but she had noticed that her migraines had decreased. She was also digesting food better. At this point the food allergy results were back, so Kathy had some additional changes to make to her diet. Her protein intake had increased but she was eating very few meals each day. She was starting to wean herself off of her medications so we were hoping that her appetite would return. We also discussed some light weight training. So her follow-up visit produced three main goals: eat more meals/snacks throughout the day, avoid all food allergies, and begin some weight training exercises.

With those goals, Kathy was off for another 4-6 weeks of dietary and lifestyle changes. Her next visit would see what other improvements she would experience with the diet. As we keep working with her, weÔÇÖll keep you updated on her progress and how the Lion Diet helps her regain her health.

If you need some help in guidance in regaining your own health, consider Diet Typing. You will be amazed at how food affects your whole body. So go ahead and give us a call or make an appointment online, we canÔÇÖt wait to get you started!

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