Success Story: Karrie – Eating Healthy, Feeling Terrible

What’s Going On?

While eating fresh organic food is something we recommend for everyone to improve overall health, it is not the only step to take. Unfortunately some people think that they can eat anything they want as long as it is organic. We have seen some major changes in our patients who switch from a typical American processed/convenience food diet to an all organic diet, but if they aren’t following a specific Diet Type they can only go so far.

We recently had a patient, Karrie, come to see us who has been suffering from hypertension and osteopenia for over 10 years. She had tried the American Heart Association diet in the past with the goal of becoming a vegetarian. However she only lasted a few months on the diet because she felt horrible on it.

Now she did the best she could by eating organic foods such as eggs and whole grain English muffins, sandwiches on whole grain breads, salads with oil and vinegar dressing, cottages cheese, nuts, fruits, etc. She had a very busy work schedule and had trouble eating cooked meals throughout the day, specifically for lunch and dinner. Despite her busy schedule she was able to get in both cardio and weight training workouts throughout the week. Even though she was following a seemingly healthy diet and exercising her blood pressure remained high, and she was at her exact ideal body weight!

She came to Caring Medical to discuss her health concerns with Dr. Hauser. As always Dr. Hauser included diet as part of her care. Once she was done with the Diet Typing it was clear why the American Heart Association diet did not work for her. She was a fast oxidizer and her blood sugars soared within 30 minutes of drinking the sugar drink. On top of that, her one hour insulin level was elevated, indicating insulin resistance or prediabetes. If Karrie had continued her current diet she surely would have developed diabetes ÔÇô her carbohydrate intake would have put more stress on her body to increase insulin and her insulin resistance would have gotten worse, leading to consistently high uncontrolled blood sugars.

Can diet help?

It most certainly can. Patients who come to see us and are fast oxidizers need the Otter or Lion diets. Karrie had balanced blood pH, so the Otter Diet would be perfect for her to control the amount of carbohydrates that her body had to process. We have seen patients’ glucose tolerance improve once starting on the Otter or Lion Diet, proving that diet can stop the progression of diabetes in its tracks.

Are you worried about diabetes? Maybe it runs in your family, or maybe you are unsure of the exact amount of carbohydrates your body can handle. Knowing this information is crucial for everyone’s health. Organic foods are wonderful, but you need to know the right proportions of organic carbohydrates, fats and protein to fuel your body to function efficiently. We recommend you come see us soon for Diet Typing ÔÇô we love helping people like you reach their health goals!

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