Success Story: Judy – Complicated Case Starts with Diet


We recently had a patient, Judy, come see us who has quite the case. She had already been diagnosed with two separate autoimmune disorders – both of which affected her bones and her skin in many different areas of her body. Some of her symptoms included joint pain, bone pain, fatigue, stiffness, rashes on the bottoms of her feet, signs of hormone imbalance such as hot flashes and irregular menstrual cycles, dark circles under her eyes, sweets cravings, low libido, and gastrointestinal problems. Some of the treatments she had received included an IV drip that contained a drug used to treat osteoporosis and bone cancers and two separate medications used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. As her symptoms became worse, despite the use of these drugs, she started to look elsewhere for help.

She came to Caring Medical to see what Dr. Hauser recommended. As with all of the natural medicine patients, Dr. Hauser decided to start with diet. He had Judy Diet Typed and food allergies tested. He also recommended a number of other tests, which Judy decided to wait on. Dr. Hauser told Judy that eventually she would need to have all of these other tests performed, but for now diet was a great first step to take.

Judy’s diet typing results showed that she was a slow oxidizer with balanced blood pH – a Monkey. When the nutritionist was reviewing the diet with her, Judy stated that she already ate like a Monkey. While it appeared that the Monkey diet was the most comparable diet with Judy’s current diet, she wasn’t necessarily following all of the Monkey concepts. She was definitely eating a low protein diet, but it was also low in vegetables – the base of the Monkey Diet. Judy also drank close to 30oz of diet soda per day with very little water. A low vegetable diet with a large quantity of diet soda each day is not a sufficient diet to support her body – especially with all of the symptoms she was having. So those were the first two steps to take – increase vegetables and discontinue all diet soda – Judy would need water and herbal tea as replacements.

So Judy is off, and in her case diet may not be enough to heal her completely, but it is the best place to start. In two weeks her food allergy results will be back and we can tweak her diet even more. And as Judy gets all of her labs completed, Dr. Hauser can start putting together the pieces of the underlying cause of her condition.

Follow Up

Judy started one month ago with the Monkey Diet. Although she was already eating somewhat similar to the Monkey Diet prior to her visit, we were able to come up with 2 main changes to make: discontinue her 30 ounces of Diet Pepsi each day and increase her vegetable intake. Sounds simple, but it made a difference! She had also started some supplements and natural hormone replacement.

We were waiting on her food allergy results to come back and we knew that the allergies would make a big difference in how she was feeling. But just one month of hormones, supplements, increased fresh vegetables and no Diet Pepsi left Judy with increased energy, better sleep, and more focus. Wow! Although she had a ways to go, we were very proud of the changes she had made. She was excited to see the differences and was able to get back to some old ways of life, she was very optimistic for the food allergies and other lab tests.

The next step was to avoid her food allergies. Since she had quite a few allergies, it would be a challenge for her. But Judy was up for it and willing to do anything to get back to feeling good again. She had a few other lab tests done and would be meeting with Dr. Hauser at a later date to review those. With correct diet, supplements, and natural hormone replacement Judy could see some great changes in her body.

We always like to say that there are different pieces to the each puzzle of a person’s health. As we find some more pieces of Judy’s puzzle to put together, we will keep you updated. Healing your body naturally is an amazing thing to witness, if you are curious about what natural medicine can do for you, give Caring Medical a call!

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