Success Story: Jackie – College Student Suffering from Exhaustion & Body Pain

At 21, Jackie not only never felt energized, but she always felt like sleeping and was exhausted after eating. She also complained of abdominal pain and nausea that interfered with her education.


Her diet was high in simple carbohydrates such as cereal, sandwiches, coffee, soda, chips, and sweets. Was this her best food choices?

Jackie came into our offices and we Diet Typed her. She was an Otter. Her food allergies revealed that she would need to avoid quite a few foods, including eggs, dairy, and gluten.

This high protein and vegetable diet was going to be a big change from the Grande coffee, sweets and carbohydrates she was used to eating. So Jackie needed some guidance with meal ideas and our nutritionist was able to help her sort through what foods she should buy at the grocery store and which to leave behind!

Jackie left the first visit a little unsure of how all of these changes would play out in achieving relief from her symptoms, but she was willing to give them a try. This is common with a lot of Otters. The thought of straying from the diet habits and ÔÇťhealthÔÇŁ myths of low cholesterol, low fat, high fruit, and high carb are hard to break.

At JackieÔÇÖs next visit, Jackie said that she was feeling great! Her energy level was much higher and her pain was completely gone. Despite her uncertainty about making the changes, Jackie was able to completely follow the diet. She admitted that she had ÔÇťcheatedÔÇŁ twice and felt very lethargic after those meals. Jackie learned a very important lesson at a young age ÔÇô that what you eat does, in fact, affect how you feel, and that eating right for her diet type is essential for healthy living!

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