Success Story: Jack – Dad’s New Energy!

When work, family and life began to get hectic, Jack started noticing some changes in his health that he did not want. He worked full time and had two toddlers at home whom he said were “wearing me out.” Like all of us, he wanted to be full of energy so that he could spend more quality time with his wife and kids, but, like many of us, he seemed to always be fatigued.

Jack had gained some weight since college and was hoping to lose some of the pounds by eating “healthy,” which meant to him: cereal, pasta, bananas, yogurt, and sandwiches. But “healthy” did not provide any energy and he often had to resort to Mountain Dew and sweets to get him through the day.

Jack came to see us and went through the Hauser Diet Typing process to see why his “healthy” diet was not working. Jack was surprised to find out that his Diet Typing results revealed an Otter Diet Type physiology, which meant he would have to change a lot of his meals. Since Otter Diet Types need more proteins and fats and less carbohydrates, it was goodbye to pasta and fruit and hello meat, fats, and some vegetables. Otters typically metabolize carbohydrates too quickly and may have acidic blood pH levels. Eating meals consisting primarily of carbs would only make tired and heavy Jack feel more tired and eventually gain more weight.

Also leaving Jack’s diet were the Mountain Dews and hard candies that he was using to get through the day. To see if there were any types of foods that were “allowed” on the Hauser Otter Diet, yet might still drain Jack’s energy, he was also tested for food allergies. He was surprised to learn that dairy, eggs, and beef, foods advisable for an Otter, were not advisable for him because he had allergies to them. Protein would have to come from sources such as chicken, turkey, fish, pork, lamb, and soy.

It wasn’t hard for Jack to make the decision to give up a few foods and change his diet to have more energy and vigor for his family.

Jack was up for the challenge. We reviewed meal ideas that would fit into his workday which included having a meal every 3 – 4 hours as most Otters should, along with some higher protein/fat snack ideas such as turkey jerky, nuts, seeds, etc.

A month into following his Hauser Otter Diet, things are looking good,. His energy is good, stomach cramps have reduced, and pounds have been lost. Jack flies back into the Chicago area every couple of months to check back in with us. A heavy price to pay? Not for a dad filled with energy for his kids.

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