Success Story: Is 40 Your Age to be Fabulous?

When you eat, sleep, and breathe the Hauser Diet you sometimes wonder why everyone doesn’t get Diet Typing. We find it especially hard to convince someone who is happy and totally involved living their 30-something life that they need to start taking their future health into consideration. But then 40 comes around and wammo! Fatigue sets in, the pounds creep up, and everything just ain’t like it used to be. Can you be saved? Can you turn your 40’s from frumpy to fabulous? This is a look at a 40 year old female patient we just saw for follow up this week who did just that.

Patient N came to us back in March, wanting to lose weight and get back her energy. After Diet Typing, we put her on the Otter Diet, and boy did she get frustrated. At the time she was eating what she thought to be very “healthy,” lots of low fat salads and sandwiches, and worked out consistently. This patient was and still is working out 6 days a week, and at a good intensity level. Yet, she could not lose weight.

She has now been on the Otter Diet for a little over 5 months. As of today she has lost 32 pounds and 9% body fat, not to mention countless inches! She admitted that this past month she has not even been trying to lose weight and has been allowing herself a little piece of cake here and there. But her workout habits have continued to stay strong. Would you believe that through this month of little treats, she has maintained her weight? Yep! That is the key for long term success. A diet or eating lifestyle should not be considered successful unless the weight loss is able to be maintained.

This month she is getting back on the Otter “weight loss” path to lose her last 5 pounds to put her at her goal weight. She has proven to herself that if she does not stay on the Otter Diet, she will end up back where she started. Although she admits to eating larger portions than are typically recommended, she ate the right proportion of foods and still managed to lose a good amount of weight. This is a true testimony to the benefits of Diet Typing. When you eat the right foods, you can eat more of them.

Plus, her workout consistency is excellent! This patient lost over 30 pounds without being hungry. Wouldn’t you like to be 30 pounds lighter and full of energy in 4 months from now? If you’ve been considering doing Diet Typing just know that this is only one of many success stories we see here at Caring Medical. If you want more information or are ready to take that step for your self give us a call, we’d love to help you make 40 the year that you look forward to, or any age for that matter!

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