Success Story: Henry – Glucose Tolerance Changes with Diet Typing


Henry is a 78 year old male who came to Caring Medical with complaints of prostate problems – he had frequent nighttime urination and an occasional full feeling in his prostate. He was in great shape otherwise and paid special attention to his health by eating healthy, taking multiple supplements, and exercising everyday.

First Visit

Besides Henry’s complaints of prostate problems, he was an overall healthy man – his blood pressure was low, he was at a healthy weight, and his heart scan was crystal clear. Henry’s first visit included a series of tests which included Diet Typing and food allergy testing.

While most of his test results came back as normal, his testosterone was low and his Diet Typing revealed some interesting information. Not only did his glucose tolerance test reveal fast oxidation, it also revealed that Henry was on his way to becoming a Type 2 diabetic. His fasting glucose was 111mg/dL, it rose to 177 after 30 minutes, then dropped to 132 after an hour and even lower to 85 after 90 minutes. His pH was alkaline at 7.463. His Hemoglobin A1C was 5.4 (which shows glucose levels over time).

Nutrition Intervention

Henry’s diet history revealed that he had been eating some protein, a good amount of whole grains, fruit, and fruit juices, including a pint of fresh juice which he made each day. Henry loved to juice everyday and believed it was one of the best things he could do for his health. However this juice made his diet similar to a Hauser Monkey or a Bear Diet, which was not right for his Diet Type and most likely contributing to his blood sugar swings. Dr. Hauser prescribed the Hauser Otter Diet and Henry was instructed to increase his protein and discontinue his juicing of fruits. He was also instructed on how to avoid his food allergies.

Nutrition Follow-up

Henry returned to follow up a month and a half later with Caring Medical’s nutritionist. He reported that he had been sleeping better and was noticing a few improvements in his energy level. However his diet history revealed that he was still eating too many carbohydrates and he was still consuming 1 pint of juice per day. The nutritionist reviewed Henry’s Diet Typing results, explaining that his body needed a higher protein diet to be able to control his high blood sugars. She worked with Henry to come up with some meal ideas that fit into his schedule and his eating preferences.

Follow-up with the Doctor

Henry followed up with Dr. Hauser almost four months after his initial visit. He had been following the Hauser Otter Diet, avoiding his food allergies, had begun using testosterone cream, and had modified his supplement regime per Dr. Hauser’s recommendations. He reported that his energy level was great and that the full feeling in his prostate had diminished. He repeated his Diet Typing and the results showed that Henry had truly made improvements in his health. Although the glucose tolerance test still showed fast oxidation, his blood sugars were much lower: his fasting glucose was 107mg/dL, it rose to 156 after 30 minutes, fell to 106 after one hour, and finished at 81 after 90 minutes. His pH was naturally reduced to 7.444 – still slightly alkaline, but closer to balanced than before.

Henry was instructed to stay on the Hauser Otter Diet and to follow up in four months to check on his progress. His other labs looked great as well, in fact his PSA level went from 3.1 to 1.4 – many changes were going on for Henry!


Henry’s case is a great example of how everyone needs to know their Diet Type to reach optimal health and wellness. Henry was a seemingly healthy man and believed he was doing the right things for his health and that his juicing was aiding in his health. What he didn’t know was that his Diet Type could not handle the large amount of juice and carbohydrates each day – they were leading to a disease that could have killed him! Diet Typing caught this mistake, fixed it, and also helped in relieving his original complaints.

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