Success Story: Glenda – Don’t Stay From Your Diet

Eating right for your Diet Type means consuming the right types of food to support your unique physiology. It is not a quick-fix diet plan that you quit when you reach your health goals. It is a healthy diet plan that is designed to maintain your maximum health for life!

Our patient Glenda recently learned that the Hauser Diet is not one that she could stray from. She came to Caring Medical in 2007 for Diet Typing in an effort to lose weight and increase energy. Her lab results showed that she was an Otter so she implemented her diet plan changes and saw great results. In fact, she lost a total of 17 pounds within 3 months on the Otter Diet.

Once she reached her goal weight she decided to stop following the Otter Diet.

She started a slow decline by eating cookies every night after dinner. Then she added ice cream to her cookies and before she knew it she developed a sweet tooth. She started eating sweets multiple times a day and she watched all of her weight pile back on. Not wanting to give up her sweets, she tried Weight Watchers in an attempt to keep her calories within a certain range.

Unfortunately counting calories is not sufficient for weight loss. Eating the right foods to support physiology is the key to weight loss and maximum health.

Two years later and 15 pounds heavier Glenda returned to Caring Medical for some guidance.

She was exercising and trying to eat a high protein diet but she was seeing no results. Since GlendaÔÇÖs diet plan had changed Dr. Hauser had her go through Diet Typing again. Turns out she was a fast oxidizer with high blood sugars. She also had acidic blood. These two factors showed that she would need the Lion Diet, the highest protein diet, to correct her physiology. Our diet coach counseled Glenda on the Lion Diet and she was off with a new diet plan.

Within four weeks Glenda was noticing a big improvement.

She lost 12 pounds and was nearing her goal weight. She was excited to see her progress and was convinced that eating right for her diet type was the best thing for her. Counting and restricting calories was not the way to go!

Are you sick of trying to lose weight by counting everything you eat?

Have you ever wondered how one diet plan could be right for all people? If you are ready to figure out a healthy diet plan that is right for your unique physiology contact us today. We are ready to help you get started with the Hauser Diet.

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