Success Story: Eric – Gas & Bloating

Do you suffer from excessive belching or gas? These symptoms can not only be a nuisance, but embarrassing too. Clearly, problems of bloating and gas stem from eating the WRONG type of foods for your diet type.

The type of food that you eat affects every part of your body and your bodily functions. Some peopleÔÇÖs bodies are just not designed to digest and process certain foods (see Improving Digestion). ThatÔÇÖs what one of our patients, Eric, discovered when he went through Diet Typing.

Eric is a busy physician and works long hours at the hospital. As a result he eats protein bars, cafeteria food, or often skips meals altogether.

Eric was hoping to lose some weight and balance his energy levels ÔÇô two of the most common goals we see among Hauser Diet patients. He also mentioned that he had a lot of belching and indigestion ÔÇô something we figured would be associated with food allergies. Since his food allergies would take a few weeks to come back, we started him on the Otter diet based on his Diet Typing results. We also encouraged Eric to eat fresh foods and discussed some options he could bring with him during his long work days.

One month later Eric came to see us to review his food allergies. Not only had he lost 5 pounds and an inch in his waist, he had also noticed a huge difference in his belching and indigestion ÔÇô he was very happy with these results. He still had a few changes to make regarding his food allergies and he was happy to make them to see what other improvements he could see.

Eric started eating right for his diet type and started eating real, fresh foods, his body started functioning better. The right diet is essential for reaching all of your health goals. Diet Typing is the first place to start. Food allergies are a good complement to the Diet Typing ÔÇô that way you can know exactly what foods may be causing inflammation and allergic reactions inside your body. Some people may need digestive enzymes or probiotics added to their supplement regime. And of course, you need fresh food. Processed, convenience, and fast food will not help you with your health goals.

If you are ready to get to the root cause of your embarrassing symptoms, we are here to get you started and on your way. Give us a call today to set up your Diet Typing appointment.

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